Last of series: Imagine college football in 2033: No tackling or helmets. In-game evaluations for head injuries will be available. Expect a future all about preventing head trauma.
Senior Columnist Dennis Dodd discusses what he learned while investigating the issue of concussions in college football.
Various additional quotes from Dennis Dodd's multi-part series on concussions in college football.
Nathan Stiles, 17, died shortly after playing a football game. Researchers found that the teen's brain had a degenerative condition sometimes found in boxers and older athletes.
Joel Klatt knows concussions all too well -- he's had 10. The ex-Colorado QB says the NCAA should extend the 20-hour work and educate players about head trauma.
The NCAA's newly appointed chief medical officer, Brian Hainline, talks to Dennis Dodd about the issues surrounding concussions in the sport of college football.
The case of former Eastern Illinois defensive back Adrian Arrington against the NCAA strikes at the heart of the issues surrounding concussions in college football.

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