The Bottom 25 is quickly running out of Power Five teams. With UCLA winning its second straight last week, the Bruins climbed out of our grasp. They're currently at No. 30 in the Bottom 25 rankings, so they could return, but they aren't here for the time being. Then there was Arkansas picking up its second win against Tulsa in last week's Bottom 25 Game of the Century of the Week. It wasn't enough to let the Hogs loose, but the gap between them and our No. 26 team Tulane is minuscule.

Nebraska won its first game of the season as well, doing so in impressive fashion and causing the Huskers to drop like a stone in the Bottom 25. Next up is Bethune-Cookman, and while I can't be sure a win there would be enough to escape, it seems as if it's only a matter of time before Nebraska's gone too.

Thankfully, teams like Oregon State, Rutgers, Louisville and North Carolina seem intent on sticking around. Plus, there are a few of our old Power Five friends hanging around that seem to be on the verge of joining the Bottom 25 for the first time all season. You can go home again, kids, and the door is always open.

After all, the Bottom 25 is always more fun when the Power Five kids come out. Anyway, onto this week's rankings.

No Longer Ranked: UCLA (23)