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The 2023 NFL Draft is officially in the books, and there is plenty to break down. The Philadelphia Eagles selected every University of Georgia defender available, the New England Patriots became the first team in 23 years to draft both a kicker and a punter and a record-breaking amount of quarterbacks were selected in the first 150 picks. It was truly a wild weekend. 

There are 259 total picks to break down, but let's try to identify the best, worst and most interesting picks for all 32 NFL teams. The best and worst picks will be decided by the best and worst grades assigned to those selections by our CBS Sports NFL Draft experts: Pete Prisco, Chris Trapasso and Josh Edwards. (For the CBS Sports draft tracker, click here.) 

Here are the rules of the game: 

The "best" player in a class may not be the "best" pick, because of the value at the selection number. Not every team made a "bad" pick per se, and some of the picks that are declared the "worst" for a class have grades as high as a "B." If there are multiple picks with the same grade, Jordan Dajani stepped in and determined the verdict. Dajani also decided which pick was the most interesting for each team. Ready? Let's go.  

AFC East

Buffalo Bills

Best pick (A): OG O'Cyrus Torrence, Florida (Round 2, Pick 59)

Enormous human being who actually plays with more foot quickness than his size would indicate. Masher in one-on-one scenarios. Must utilize his length better at next level but already very good anchoring skill. More help for Josh Allen is smart for Buffalo. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C): CB Alex Austin, Oregon State (Round 7, Pick 252)

Good size at CB but not lengthy. Tackling issues appear often on film. Not a burner down the field or high-caliber athlete overall. Found the football often on the perimeter. Natural in that regard. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (C): TE Dalton Kincaid, Utah (Round 1, Pick 25)

Trading up for this pick was definitely strange, but Kincaid is a legitimate receiving tight end. Bills fans were probably eyeing a WR2 in the draft, but Kincaid could provide a huge upgrade for Josh Allen and this offense.

Miami Dolphins

Best pick (A-): CB Cam Smith, South Carolina (Round 2, Pick 51)

This is a battle-tested, feisty, ballhawk who can man up on the perimeter. Athletic and strong. A bit surprised this was a CB given their depth there, but Smith is a stud. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C+): OT Ryan Hayes, Michigan (Round 7, Pick 238)

Classic Michigan blocker. Handles his assignments well, passes off stunts with ease. Decent power. Not a big-time athlete. Short arms. Has to add weight too. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B+): RB Devon Achane, Texas A&M (Round 3, Pick 84)

Mike McDaniel made his name scheming for the run, and Achane is a BURNER. I don't know that this isn't the Dolphins' best pick of the draft. 

New England Patriots

Best pick (A): CB Christian Gonzalez, Oregon (Round 1, Pick 17)

I had him ranked as the top corner in this draft. For him to fall this far is amazing to me. The Patriots traded down and still filled a major position of need. Nice job. (Pete Prisco)

Worst pick (F): K Chad Ryland, Maryland (R4, P112)

Accurate kicker but doesn't have a big leg. I get kickers can be drafted but trading up for a kicker in the fourth round? (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B+): WR Kayshon Boutte, LSU (R6, P187)

Low-risk, high-reward. At one point, Boutte was considered to be a rising star in college football. His career at LSU didn't pan out that way, but could he find success at the next level? Intrigued by this prospect.  

New York Jets

Best pick (A): TE Zack Kuntz, Old Dominion (Round 7, Pick 220)

Most athletic TE in the class and plays to it on the field. Looks like an enormous WR on the field. Not quite as good in contested-catch scenarios as his size would indicate. Can separate at the next level. If he stays healthy, this is a great value pick. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C-): LB Zaire Barnes, Western Michigan (Round 6, Pick 184)

Run-and-chase LB with some coverage chops that likely got him drafted. Very productive in college in his last two seasons. Has to get better beating blocks. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (A): RB Israel Abanikanda, Pittsburgh (Round 5, Pick 143)

Running back who is just as fast as he's elusive. The Jets have one of the more underrated running back rooms in the NFL, so I'm curious how quickly he contributes in this offense, where he fits in and who the odd man out could be.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

Best pick (A-): OL Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu, Oregon (Round 6, Pick 199)

College OT who probably kicks inside at the next level. Classic Ravens pick. Mauler in the run game and very accurate in combo block situations. Flashes of brilliance in pass pro but opens the gate too early and isn't quite as powerful moving backward. I like this pick. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C-): CB Kyu Blu Kelly, Stanford (Round 5, Pick 157)

Inside out CB with starter traits just technical flaws. Sudden feet but struggles in press and had minimal ball productivity in college. Older prospect limits the ceiling. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (C+): OL Andrew Vorhees, USC (Round 7, Pick 229)

Vorhees tore his ACL at the NFL Combine. If he didn't, he would have gone much higher than this. Vorhees will miss his entire rookie season, but if he has a good career after 2023, could this not be a massive steal? Why don't more teams do this? I understand every draft pick is valuable, but this was Baltimore's last selection. Remember, the Ravens did this with David Ojabo last year -- although he was a second-round pick. 

Cincinnati Bengals

Best pick (A): WR Andrei Iosivas, Princeton (Round 6, Pick 206)

Of course faced smaller-school competition, but dominated it. Linear, fluid athlete who's great in end-around game and down the field. Tracks it awesomely and plays to his larger size. Think Christian Watson Lite. Awesome pick this late. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C-): CB DJ Ivey, Miami (Round 7, Pick 246)

Size and length specimen who wore many hats in the Miami defense. Not smooth changing directions. Ran decently well. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B): EDGE Myles Murphy, Clemson (Round 1, Pick 28)

Murphy is 6-foot-5, 270ish pounds. He recorded the second-most sacks in the ACC over the past three seasons with 18.5, and has the upside many teams are after at his position. Could he make an immediate impact in Cincinnati? 

Cleveland Browns

Best pick (A-): OL Luke Wypler, Ohio State (Round 6, Pick 190)

This is a future starter. Does a lot of things well from a technical standpoint and has plus athleticism. Weight and power must be added to his game. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C-): DL Siaki Ika, Baylor (Round 3, Pick 98)

Super large. Light feet. Bull-rush only pass-rush arsenal. Actually not great vs. doubles but a very wide body. Low-level athlete who's not much of a rusher. Understandable add for Browns though. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B+): WR Cedric Tillman, Tennessee (Round 3, Pick 74)

The Browns' first draft pick has some value to it. Some thought Tillman could be a second-round player, but he struggled with injuries last season. People forget he caught 64 passes for 1,081 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2021, and looked like a first-round pick. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

Best pick (A+): CB Cory Trice, Purdue (Round 7, Pick 241)

Tall, lengthy outside CB with a savvy and athletic game. Sticks to WRs and even when he doesn't his length gets him to the football often. Tested well for his massive frame. Tremendous tackler. Super steal. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C): EDGE Nick Herbig, Wisconsin (Round 4, Pick 132)

Tiny, highly productive rusher with the full arsenal to generate pressure in college. Just major concerns about his length and size. Gets bullied a lot. Very similar to the Sutton Smith pick in 2019. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (A-): TE Darnell Washington, Georgia (Round 3, Pick 93)

Washington reportedly fell due to medicals, which benefitted the Steelers. Good blocker and underrated in the passing game, this could be another "super steal." 

AFC South

Houston Texans

Best pick (A-): WR Xavier Hutchinson, Iowa State (Round 6, Pick 205)

Was the obvious No. 1 at Iowa State this season and thrived despite the attention. Well-rounded more so than someone with a specialty. Rebounder type in the red zone and for being a bigger wideout, he's fun after the catch. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (D+): LB Henry To'oTo'o, Alabama (Round 5, Pick 167)

Smaller but feisty between-the-tackles striker. Coverage woes and tackling inconsistency sunk his stock. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B-): WR Nathaniel Dell, Houston (Round 3, Pick 69)

Small playmaker from Houston, but he was very productive. Last season, Dell caught 109 passes for 1,398 yards and 17 touchdowns. I think he has the ability to make an impact Day 1, and may be an important pick for C.J. Stroud

Indianapolis Colts

Best pick (A): WR Josh Downs, North Carolina (Round 3, Pick 79)

Best pure underneath, possession slot WR in the class. Super-nimble. Flashes awesome ball-tracking skills in tight quarterbacks. Despite his route-running chops and sudden feet, he's not a YAC weapon. Will be Anthony Richardson's best friend early. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C): OT Jake Witt, Northern Michigan (Round 7, Pick 236)

Athletic tackle with a basketball background. Witt needs to do a better job of sinking his hips to absorb contact and overall play strength needs to improve. However, this is a lineman that can move in space and offers developmental upside. (Josh Edwards)

Most interesting pick (B): QB Anthony Richardson, Florida (Round 1, Pick 4)

Richardson may have a higher ceiling than any quarterback in this class, but what about his floor? An ideal landing spot for Richardson would be a team where he could sit for maybe a year. With the Colts, he could start Day 1. Will he make an immediate impact? It's worth being optimistic with Shane Steichen in charge.

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Best pick (A): WR Parker Washington, Penn State (Round 6, Pick 185)

Draft crush of mine. Short but stocky, Deebo Samuel-like YAC monster. Balance is unreal. Absorbs contact outstandingly well. Not a major separator or speed threat. Wins underneath and with the ball in his hands. Can outplay this draft position. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (D+): LB Ventrell Miller, Florida (Round 4, Pick 121)

Twitchy, downhill only run-thumper. Smaller frame. Coverage weakness pops on film. Stiff in that regard. This is too early. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B): RB Tank Bigsby, Auburn (Round 3, Pick 88)

Bigsby was a feature back in college, and that will not be the case in Jacksonville. Still, maybe he's the in-between-the-tackles guy that makes an impact immediately. Doug Pederson has a plan for him. 

Tennessee Titans

Best pick (A-): OT Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland (Round 6, Pick 186)

One of the more pro-ready OTs in the class from a technical and experience prediction. Blocked on an island often at Maryland and his wins are Pro Bowl caliber. Just has to work to keep his edges from getting softened too easily. There were some balance issues in 2022. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C-): TE Josh Whyle, Cincinnati (Round 5, Pick 147)

Long-striding TE who gets after it as a blocker. Decent athleticism. Would've picked a few other TEs before him. Older and minimal YAC capabilities. Strong hands. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (A-): QB Will Levis, Kentucky (Round 2, Pick 33)

It's going to take some time for in-state Tennessee fans to hop on the Levis train, as they are well aware of his lack of production for the rival Kentucky Wildcats in 2022. Levis may be a better pro prospect than Tennessee's Hendon Hooker, who has developed into a fan-favorite, but taking Levis over Hooker is going to be a major talking point. 

AFC West

Denver Broncos

Best pick (A): LB Drew Sanders, Arkansas (Round 3, Pick 67)

If deployed in a Micah Parsons-role, he can be special. Major instinct/tackling issues as classic off-ball linebacker. Length and athleticism for days. Fun pick with major upside. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (B): OL Alex Forsyth, Oregon (Round 7, Pick 257)

Power scheme center. Not a mobility specialist but plays with awesome leverage and power. Labored climbs to the second level but will win with strength right away. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B+): WR Marvin Mims, Oklahoma (Round 2, Pick 63)

Wide receiver was not the biggest need for the Broncos, but they used their first pick on one. Maybe Mims was a prospect Sean Payton and George Paton just couldn't pass on, but with him being taken in the second round, he's going to contribute immediately. Mims averaged 22 yards per catch in 2021, and 20.1 yards per catch in 2022! 

Kansas City Chiefs

Best pick (A-): WR Rashee Rice, SMU (Round 2, Pick 55)

Rice is a perimeter stud who can win in contested-catch scenarios and dominates with authoritative yards-after-the-catch ability. Explosive. Just didn't run a variety of routes. A classic Chiefs pick. Trade up dips the grade slightly. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C-): CB Nic Jones, Ball State (Round 7, Pick 250)

Aggressive boundary cornerback that is willing to play downhill. He tends to get stuck at the stem and needs to do a better job of breaking his feet down in space. Kansas City has done a great job identifying late round DBs. (Josh Edwards)

Most interesting pick (B+): OT Wanya Morris, Oklahoma (Round 3, Pick 92)

Morris comes from Oklahoma, where the Chiefs found center Creed Humphrey. Morris also knows Trey Smith, who he played with during his time at Tennessee. At 6-foot-6, 310 pounds and experience at both tackle spots, I feel like Morris could be a legitimate starter. The Chiefs are a great landing spot for his potential. 

Las Vegas Raiders

Best pick (A): EDGE Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech (Round 1, Pick 7)

I love this pick, one of the best of the day. If Wilson's injured foot checks out, which it certainly has for the Raiders, he's going to be a big-time end in their defense to go with Maxx Crosby for a long time. He has all the traits you want in an edge rusher. (Pete Prisco)

Worst pick (D): DL Byron Young, Alabama (Round 3, Pick 70)

Two-gap specialist who uses his hands well. Average-at-best athlete who doesn't provide much pass-rush ability. Round 3 DL's need to give some of that. I like the position addressed but this is too much early for Young. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B+): TE Michael Mayer, Notre Dame (Round 2, Pick 35)

We could look back at this selection as a huge win. Giving Jimmy Garoppolo and Josh McDaniels a prospect some compare to Jason Witten is something that will absolutely help the offense. Didn't really expect Mayer, CBS Sports' TE1, to land with the Raiders, but here we are. Vegas had a sneaky good class. 

Los Angeles Chargers

Best pick (A): LB Daiyan Henley, Washington State (Round 3, Pick 85)

One of the safer, three-down off-ball linebackers in the class. Super-smooth athlete and instinctive. Just a very old prospect. Very experienced though. Won't miss many tackles. This is a starter found in the third round. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C): WR Quentin Johnston, TCU (Round 1, Pick 21)

They needed to get a young receiver, but I think Jordan Addison would have been a better pick. Johnston is a big receiver, but he has issues catching the football at times. I get the pick with Justin Herbert and age creeping in, but I think there were better options and maybe better positions to take. (Pete Prisco)

Most interesting pick (C+): QB Max Duggan, TCU (Round 7, Pick 239)

Duggan fell further than many anticipated. He's not exactly a polished passer, but he's a tough player who likes to run the ball. Maybe he's not a premier "athlete," but he does have potential. I like the Chargers as a landing spot where he can sit and take in Justin Herbert's process. 

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

Best pick (A): DL Mazi Smith, Michigan (Round 1, Pick 26)

Smith is another one of my favorite players. He's a power player who can hold up against the run, but I think he will be a better pass rusher than people expect. He just needs to keep his weight in check. (Pete Prisco)

Worst pick (C-): CB Eric Scott Jr., Southern Miss (Round 6, Pick 178)

Long, explosive cornerback who's best as a linear athlete. Stiffness pops when changing directions. The Cowboys like picking some obscure CBs. Wasn't firmly on the draft radar. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B): RB Deuce Vaughn, Kansas State (Round 6, Pick 212)

We could talk about the connection Vaughn has to his father, who works in the scouting department for the Cowboys, and how cool that moment was. But I just like Vaughn the player. Height and weight be damned, Vaughn is quick and has good vision. Maybe he's not going to carry multiple defenders on his back en route to the end zone, but this is a weapon. 

New York Giants

Best pick (A): OL John Michael Schmitz, Minnesota (Round 2, Pick 57)

Instant starter at center. Large but nimble. Reach blocks galore on his film. Recovery ability is there too. Not dominant but simply blocks everything. Fills a major need. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (B): CB Tre Hawkins III, Old Dominion (Round 6, Pick 209)

The Giants didn't really have a "worst pick." 

Hawkins is a classic man coverage cornerback with the size and speed to mirror match up the boundary. He gets stuck at the stem and struggles transitioning across the field, but is a worthwhile flyer late in the draft, similar to Christian Benford a year ago. (Josh Edwards)

Most interesting pick (B+): RB Eric Gray, Oklahoma (Round 5, Pick 172)

Gray isn't going to challenge Saquon Barkley's starting status, but he could be an epic complement to his skillset. The Oklahoma product led the Big 12 in yards per rush (6.4), and was second in rushing yards per game (113.8) last season. 

Philadelphia Eagles

Best pick (A+): DL Jalen Carter, Georgia (Round 1, Pick 9)

The Eagles move up one spot and give up little to get a guy I think is the best player in this draft. Yes, he has some off-field issues, but this is a great spot for him. Howie Roseman wins again. (Pete Prisco)

Worst pick (D+): OT Tyler Steen, Alabama (Round 3, Pick 65)

A widely-liked prospect I never understood. Certainly versatile and athletic, but defenders slipped off him with relative ease and he's not powerful or well-balanced. Philadelphia type redshirt trench pick. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (C-): QB Tanner McKee, Stanford (Round 6, Pick 188)

Did not expect Philly to get involved in the Day 3 run on quarterbacks, especially looking at their current depth chart. McKee stands tall at 6-foot-6, and has a strong arm. Is there a place for him on roster? 

Washington Commanders

Best pick (A): CB Emmanuel Forbes, Mississippi State (Round 1, Pick 16)

I love this kid. He has good length, but he is lean at 170 pounds. Even so, he will throw his body around. But you draft him because he's an elite cover player who fills an immediate need. He is going to upgrade an already good defense. (Pete Prisco)

Worst pick (C): EDGE K.J. Henry, Clemson (Round 5, Pick 137)

Looks the part as a strong EDGE. Three-down type who's better against the run than anything else. Pass-rush move arsenal is almost non-existent. Will win at times simply due to his frame + power. Will be 25 as a rookie. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B): RB Chris Rodriguez Jr., Kentucky (Round 6, Pick 193)

Well, Ron Rivera found his goal-line back. Maybe that's not fair. Rodriguez can definitely do more. But I'm interested to see how many touches he gets with Brian Robinson and Antonio Gibson ahead of him. Either way, I like this pick. 

NFC North

Chicago Bears

Best pick (A): WR Tyler Scott, Cincinnati (Round 4, Pick 133)

Speedy. Really speedy. Deceptive YAC capabilities that come from more than his explosiveness. Hands are concern. Young player with major upside. Love this with Darnell Mooney for Justin Fields. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C): DL Travis Bell, Kennesaw State (Round 7, Pick 218)

Classic small-school undersized three-technique rusher who tested his way into the draft. Needs to get stronger and will take time to learn how to dispatch NFL blockers. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B+): RB Roschon Johnson, Texas (Round 4, Pick 115)

Bijan Robinson's running mate is a former four-star quarterback who moved to running back. He blocks and is a good special teamer. Maybe this is a running back/protection hybrid selection. 

Detroit Lions

Best pick (A+): LB Jack Campbell, Iowa (Round 1, Pick 18)

I love this pick for the Lions. This kid will be special. He is big, can run and will improve as a cover player as he gets acclimated to the NFL game. He's one of my favorite players in this draft. (Pete Prisco)

Worst pick (D): RB Jahmyr Gibbs, Alabama (Round 1, Pick 12)

Yes, he's an air back. Yes, he can do a lot of things. But, again, why take him here when there is a guy like corner Christian Gonzalez on the board? He's good but he's a back. At least it wasn't a top-10 pick.

Most interesting pick (B-): QB Hendon Hooker, Tennessee (Round 3, Pick 68)

How could you not be interested in the third-round quarterback selection? Is this a player Brad Holmes believes has potential as a franchise quarterback, or elite backup? He's not exactly a raw project at 25 years old. 

Green Bay Packers

Best pick (A): WR Jayden Reed, Michigan State (Round 2, Pick 50)

Draft crush of mine. Smaller and didn't test through the roof but is such a crafty route runner and has plus speed. Gets open routinely, flashes after the catch, and tracks the football tremendously. Contested-catch winner. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C-): QB Sean Clifford, Penn State (Round 5, Pick 149)

Physical long-time starter at QB with some creativity but lacks consistent coverage-reading ability or accuracy. Strange selection but not the worst idea to address the QB spot. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B): K Anders Carlson, Auburn (Round 6, Pick 207)

I love this. The Carlson family comes back for revenge on the NFC North. Anders' brother, Daniel Carlson, struggled for the Minnesota Vikings in his second-ever NFL game back in 2018 (against the Packers), and was immediately cut. Joke's on Minnesota, because Daniel is now one of the best kickers in the league for the Las Vegas Raiders, and was a First Team All-Pro last year. This younger Carlson figures to be the Mason Crosby replacement, and will have chances to win games against the Vikings. 

Minnesota Vikings

Best pick (A): WR Jordan Addison, USC (Round 1, Pick 23)

He is my favorite receiver in this class. He will be a perfect complement to Justin Jefferson. He is a great route runner. Needs to get a little bigger since he weighs 175 pounds, but that will happen. (Pete Prisco)

Worst pick (C): CB Jay Ward, LSU (Round 4, Pick 134)

Skinny, slot / safety hybrid. Click and close ability is special. Coverage skill a little iffy, because his stiffness appears then. He isn't the most consistent tackler. Versatility is his key attribute. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (A-): RB DeWayne McBride, UAB (Round 7, Pick 222)

Trapasso says this could be one of the biggest steals of the draft. This isn't just some seventh-round pick. You have to wonder what this means for Dalvin Cook's future.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Best pick (A-): EDGE Zach Harrison, Ohio State (Round 3, Pick 75)

Crazy, long thick, advanced rusher and has to get stronger. Best football in front of him. Need filled. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (D): RB Bijan Robinson, Texas (Round 1, Pick 8)

This is way too high for a back, even if he's a really good player. Backs don't decide Super Bowls. I know Arthur Smith loves backs, but this is a deep draft of backs and history isn't kind to this type of move. I don't like it because of position value. Good player, bad position. (Pete Prisco)

Most interesting pick (C): OL Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse (Round 2, Pick 38)

Bergeron is going to move inside to guard, but Trapasso wonders if he will need extra development because of this:

OT in college, maybe OG in the NFL. Serious twitch/explosion. Has to get considerably stronger. Wins are awesome. Losses are super ugly. Needs a fair amount of development, especially if he moves positions. (Chris Trapasso)

Carolina Panthers

Best pick (A-): OL Chandler Zavala, N.C. State (Round 4, Pick 114)

Zavala is an instant starter at OG. Athletic specimen. Wide-bodied too. At times feet a little heavy at times but in general he flows on the field. A little older but that gave him more experience. Smart selection after the Bryce Young pick. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (D): EDGE DJ Johnson, Oregon (Round 3, Pick 80)

Explosive thick athlete. Very developmental type with his pass-rush move arsenal. Much better and more assertive against the run. I like the athletic profile, but this is not worth a trade up in Round 3. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B-): Jammie Robinson, Florida State (Round 5, Pick 145)

Carolina's final pick of the draft. Robinson is intriguing because he's played both cornerback and safety. I would imagine Carolina lines him up in different spots, which will include nickel. Hitting on a hybrid can change your defense. There are "cons" you can point to with him as a prospect, but bottom line is this kid plays hard. 

New Orleans Saints

Best pick (A-): WR A.T. Perry, Wake Forest (Round 6, Pick 195)

Long, sleek bendy outside WR who flashed in combat-catch scenarios and tested well. Routinely plucks the ball at its highest point. Not a major separator. Nice value here. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (D+): EDGE Isaiah Foskey, Notre Dame (Round 2, Pick 40)

Sturdy EDGE who does not play to his measured athleticism. Slow burst off the line. Rushes are high and lack leverage. Pass-rush move arsenal is lacking. Better edge-setter than pass rusher. This is way too early. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B): QB Jake Haener, Fresno State (Round 4, Pick 127)

The Saints had their pick of the Day 3 quarterbacks, and they chose Haener. That's interesting to me. CBS Sports' pro comparison for Haener is Colt McCoy, who has made quite a career for himself as a backup quarterback. Haener threw for 2,896 yards, 20 touchdowns and just three interceptions in 10 games played last year. He was named First Team All-Mountain West.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Best pick (A-): TE Payne Durham, Purdue (Round 5, Pick 171)

Fun sleeper at the TE spot. Not the best athlete but a horse in the open field. Plus run-after-the-catch skill. Decent blocker. Large catch radius. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (D): S Josh Hayes, Kansas State (Round 6, Pick 181)

Has limited long speed but will get to the football in the air if it's in his vicinity. Smaller framed corner who could bump inside. Surprised he was picked.

Most interesting pick (C+): LB SirVocea Dennis, Pittsburgh (Round 5, Pick 153)

"Hybrid S/LB type who plays with his hair on fire," is how Trapasso describes Dennis. A smaller, run-stuffing linebacker that isn't a coverage specialist. Will be interesting to see how he's used in Tampa Bay.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

Best pick (A): OL Jon Gaines II, UCLA (Round 4, Pick 122)

Played all five positions at UCLA. Smooth mover. Floats on the field. Works hard to get underneath DLs and win the leverage game. Rarely on the ground. Very lengthy too. Can become a quality starter. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C+): CB Garrett Williams, Syracuse (Round 3, Pick 72)

Injured, twitch-up CB who plays with natural ball skills and is a quality albeit unspectacular tackler. His 2021 was much better than 2022 before the injury. Smaller-ish frame. Like the position addressed, but a little early for him. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (B+): CB Kei'Trel Clark, Louisville (Round 6, Pick 180)

Shifty DB with the ability to fly. He's undersized at 5-foot-10 and around 180 pounds, but he's a competitor. Maybe good value here in the sixth round. 

Los Angeles Rams

Best pick (A): DL Kobie Turner, Wake Forest (Round 3, Pick 89)

Blast to watch on film. Quick, relentless inside rusher. Hand work and first-step winner. Could become a star learning from Aaron Donald. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (D+): EDGE Byron Young, Tennessee (Round 3, Pick 77)

Young is super fun on film. One of the best, most explosive outside speed rushes in the class. Gumby-like around the corner. But that's really all he can lean on. He's a much older prospect who wasn't all that productive from a pressure perspective. Like the position addressed, but this is a round or two too early. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (C): QB Stetson Bennett, Georgia (Round 4, Pick 128)

Honestly, the Rams made several interesting picks. We could talk about LaDainian Tomlinson's nephew or Mr. Irrelevant, but I was shocked that Stetson Bennett was taken in the fourth round. He doesn't have the NFL measurables you're looking for and is coming off of an arrest, but at the same time, this dude is a winner. Plus, teaming up with Sean McVay makes this VERY interesting.

San Francisco 49ers

Best pick (A+): CB Darrell Luter Jr., South Alabama (Round 5, Pick 155)

One of my favorite CBs in the entire class. Calculated, advanced in press, Sticky coverage ability. Routinely finds the football. Plus athlete. This is a high-floor youngster who can develop into a quality starter. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (D): K Jake Moody, Michigan (Round 3, Pick 99)

Very accurate and made a lot of big kicks in his career but does not have a huge leg. Round 3 kicker? (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (A-): WR Ronnie Bell, Michigan (Round 7, Pick 253)

Bell isn't some speedster that is going to run by everyone, but at the same time, he's a YAC specialist. Maybe that sounds contradictory, but it's not. He has that kind of vision. A YAC specialist landing in Kyle Shanahan's offense is something you have to keep an eye on. 

Seattle Seahawks

Best pick (A+): OL Olusegun Oluwatimi, Michigan (Round 5, Pick 154)

Draft crush of mine. Doesn't blow you away athletically but is incredibly strong and possesses an unshakable equilibrium. Immovable. Angle/leverage blocker. Good length. Extensive experience. Instant starter. (Chris Trapasso)

Worst pick (C-): RB Kenny McIntosh, Georgia (Round 7, Pick 237)

Fun versatile RB at Georgia but has lacking long speed and overall athleticism. (Chris Trapasso)

Most interesting pick (C): RB Zach Charbonnet, UCLA (Round 2, Pick 52)

The Seahawks were so excited about the second-round running back they got last year in Kenneth Walker III, they drafted another running back in the second round this year! I fully expected Seattle to draft a running back, but not this early. I can't hate on it, though. If they wanted Charbonnet, they wanted Charbonnet. It's just a tad interesting. How much work is he going to get in the backfield?