Bottom 25 college football rankings: Florida State, Tennessee check in after Week 1

A new college football season means one thing and one thing only: the return of The Bottom 25.

It was a long offseason, but your favorite set of rankings have returned. As is usually the case, we have some surprise entrants in the opening week of the season. Teams we may not get a chance to see here again, so we must enjoy it while we can.

For those of you new to the Bottom 25, the process is rather simple. It's just a ranking for the worst teams in the country. What's different about it compared to your standard top 25 poll is that my opinion plays no factor in the rankings. Instead, I use a mathematical formula of my own creation to rank every single FBS team in the country, and each season starts with a clean slate. That means defending national champion Alabama and defending 2017 Bottom 25 champion UTEP begin the season as equals with only their on-field performance separating them during the season.

As a result, early season rankings can be surprising due to the limited sample size and the fact wins and losses are weighted heavier than anything else in my formula. Which means that, if you lost this weekend, you have a legitimate shot at making the first Bottom 25 of the season.

Let's get to it.

Bottom 25 college football rankings

The Bottom 25
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