Every week when I release the Bottom 25, I catch flak from fans, either in my inbox or more often in my Twitter mentions. It's part of the territory when it comes to ranking the worst teams in the country. The majority of the vitriol comes from those who are new to the Bottom 25 and don't know how it works. They believe these rankings are based on my opinion and not on a statistical formula that measures teams by how they've played in the current season to that point in time.

Since it happens so often, it's easy to ignore, but once in a while, the anger burns so hot that I can't help but pay attention to it. Last week was one of those weeks. Suffice to say that Nebraska fans were not pleased with discovering their Cornhuskers ranked at No. 19 in last week's Bottom 25, and they let me hear about it. A lot of them. Hell, some even wrote about it (I'm still not sure what I wrote about Nebraska that deserved a "sigh" in response, but at least they didn't call me any names).

Every time I checked Twitter, there was somebody with a Nebraska logo as their avatar, or "Big Red" in their handle calling me some variety of an idiot with plenty of colorful variations. Then Nebraska lost to Troy on Saturday, and I haven't heard much of anything since. Now, I'm a college football fan, and when I watch games, I'm not rooting for anybody as much as I'm rooting for the entertainment and a good story. But I won't lie to you. When Nebraska lost to Troy on Saturday, I didn't feel bad for it.

I hope it wins this week, just like I hope every team wins, but last week I was all right with its loss.

Anyway, let's get to this week's Bottom 25.

No longer ranked: Kansas State (24), Northern Illinois (17), South Alabama (14), Temple (12), Arizona (10), Western Michigan (8)