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West Region top-seed Wisconsin wasn't great Thursday night, but it had enough to beat North Carolina 79-72 in the Sweet 16.
Jim Harbaugh can be an odd bird -- just search YouTube and Twitter. But as Coach Quirk tries to bring new life to Michigan, he's keeping a surprisingly low profile.
There was a time when David Berst's mere presence on campus was intimidating. The former NCAA enforcement director, who is retiring this summer, presided over some of the highest-profile cases in the association's history
Almost five years after the USC case ended, the NCAA is still fighting off claims that it railroaded the school in the Reggie Bush scandal.
Most football programs, like recently axed UAB, lose money. So how do schools justify the expense? Easy -- even bad football instills a significance money can't buy.
Deciding his long-term health was more important than playing football, Chris Borland shows he deserves a ton of respect.
Jack Swarbrick, Notre Dame's athletic director, believes a cultural divide in college sports may one day split schools into two separate athletic associations.
What the NCAA decides to do about the academic scandal at North Carolina will says as much about the NCAA as the school itself.
North Dakota State grabbed an NCAA berth despite practicing in an old warehouse, playing in a hockey arena and lifting weights in a former supermarket.
Iowa State mounts another beautiful comeback to beat Kansas in the Big 12 title game.

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