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When Team USA begins a seven-week journey Monday in Las Vegas, it will provide a window into the NBA's latest trade drama surrounding Kevin Love.
Whether trading Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love is a good idea isn't really for me or the Cavs to decide. The real question is, what does LeBron James want?
The Cavaliers went one way when LeBron James left in 2011, and the Heat are going the other. Instead of bottoming out for a long rebuild, Pat Riley is keeping Miami competitive in the short term and poised for bigger moves in the long term.
A day after LeBron takes less money to go home, Melo takes more to stay. Does that make him selfish? No more than James was -- both got what they wanted.
If his departure from Cleveland was a clumsy, mismanaged debacle, LeBron James' return was a tour de force. Four years later, the Cavs are getting a much different and better version of the King.
Carmelo Anthony is still considering the Knicks, Bulls and Lakers as he awaits potential roster moves that would clarify his decision, league sources told
LeBron James is between a rock and a hard place. And how ironic that he may go back to an owner in Cleveland that has helped put him in a no-win situation.
LeBron James made no counterproposals on contract length to Heat president Pat Riley on Wednesday and has no meetings set with other teams, league sources told
The NBA announced Wednesday that the salary cap for the 2014-15 season will be $63.065 million, a 7.5 percent increase from last season and the highest on record.
As the Cleveland Cavaliers prepare for a run at free-agent LeBron James, the King has remained silent. The idea that he's leading anyone on doesn't pass the truth test.

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