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With a four-game losing streak and 5-7 record, LeBron James and his 'very fragile' Cleveland Cavaliers are going through growing pains. And if history is any guide, it could get worse before it gets better.
It's way too early to panic, but the Clippers team that the nation will behold on Thursday night has been underwhelming. The worst part is, they have no excuse.
Bucks coach Jason Kidd returns to Brooklyn for the first time since his messy departure as coach of the Nets -- an exit that's invited scrutiny regarding the issue of his agent's dual representation.
Money was a factor in Miami. Familiarity played a role, too. Why else did Chris Bosh spurn Houston's free-agent offer? "All that guarantees is a bunch of pressure," he told
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tells that commissioner Adam Silver "has it exactly right" that sports betting should be legalized. But could there be unintended consequences?
Is often-injured Derrick Rose within his rights to wonder about his long-term health once basketball is over? Of course. He also learned that such thoughts are best kept to himself.
After spending recklessly on a roster that included Paul Pierce, Mikhail Prokhorov's Nets suddenly became cost-conscious. Will a small dose of prudence pay off or backfire?
In a rare state-of-the-Knicks address, Phil Jackson zinged the referees and Adam Silver. He also said Carmelo Anthony needs to break some bad habits and start moving the ball.
With a random November victory interrupting their otherwise grim present, the Lakers try to imagine a time when they'll be the Lakers again.
It was a rough offseason for the Houston Rockets, who lost Chandler Parsons and whiffed on their big free-agent targets. Now, they're 5-0 and hoping their summer wasn't as disastrous as it seemed.

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