Average Draft Positions

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Average Draft Positions
RankPlayerAvg PosHI/LOPCT
1Mike Trout, OF, LAA1.111/296.8
2Jose Altuve, 2B, HOU2.061/396.8
3Nolan Arenado, 3B, COL4.112/896.4
4Trea Turner, SS, WAS5.123/1296.5
5Charlie Blackmon, OF, COL7.134/1496.4
6Giancarlo Stanton, DH, NYY7.393/1496.3
7Bryce Harper, OF, WAS7.573/1496.8
8Mookie Betts, OF, BOS7.944/1596.9
9Paul Goldschmidt, 1B, ARI8.594/1596.9
10Clayton Kershaw, SP, LAD9.013/1596.4
11Max Scherzer, SP, WAS11.975/1996.6
12Carlos Correa, SS, HOU12.376/1996.6
13Kris Bryant, 3B, CHC12.987/2096.6
14Chris Sale, SP, BOS15.268/2396.6
15Corey Kluber, SP, CLE15.309/2496.5
16Manny Machado, SS, BAL16.8410/2596.4
17Freddie Freeman, 1B, ATL18.5912/2896.8
18Joey Votto, 1B, CIN19.4211/3096.7
19Aaron Judge, OF, NYY19.849/3096.4
20J.D. Martinez, DH, BOS20.7912/3196.8
21Jose Ramirez, 3B, CLE21.4313/3196.6
22Francisco Lindor, SS, CLE21.6813/3096.7
23Gary Sanchez, C, NYY22.9112/3396.8
24Anthony Rizzo, 1B, CHC23.6115/3396.4
25George Springer, OF, HOU26.2417/3596.8
26Cody Bellinger, 1B, LAD27.0018/3896.3
27Stephen Strasburg, SP, WAS28.5418/3996.6
28Josh Donaldson, 3B, TOR30.0721/4296.6
29Noah Syndergaard, SP, NYM30.1217/4396.5
30Corey Seager, SS, LAD30.3621/4396.4

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