NBA Play by Play - Sacramento vs. Memphis

1st Qtr
12:00 MEMJumpball received by Mike Conley
11:100-2MEMZach Randolph missed Hook Shot
11:000-2SACJason Thompson missed Jump Shot
11:00 MEMDefensive Rebound by Sam 11:00
10:590-4MEMMarc Gasol made Hook Shot
10:54 SACOut of bounds turnover on Jason Thompson
10:430-4MEMMarc Gasol missed Jump Shot
10:39 SACDefensive Rebound by Omri 10:39
10:32 SACLost ball turnover on Beno Udrih, Stolen by Tony Allen
10:28 MEMTravelling turnover on Tony Allen
10:222-4SACOmri Casspi made Jump Shot, Assist Beno Udrih
10:112-4MEMMike Conley missed Jump Shot
10:08 SACDefensive Rebound by Samuel 10:08
9:54 MEMPersonal foul on Mike Conley
9:512-4SACJason Thompson missed Jump Shot
9:282-4MEMSam Young missed Jump Shot
9:22 MEMOffensive Rebound by Zach 9:22
9:092-6MEMMarc Gasol made Jump Shot
8:544-6SACBeno Udrih made Leaning Jump Shot
8:54 MEMShooting foul on Mike Conley
8:545-6SACBeno Udrih made Free Throw
8:305-6MEMZach Randolph missed Jump Shot
8:278-6SACJermaine Taylor made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Omri Casspi
8:188-8MEMSam Young made Layup
8:0310-8SACJermaine Taylor made Layup
7:5510-10MEMJason Williams made Layup
7:39 MEMShooting foul on Tony Allen
7:3911-10SACBeno Udrih made 1st of 2 Free Throws
7:3912-10SACBeno Udrih made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
7:2612-12MEMMarc Gasol made Hook Shot, Assist Jason Williams
7:14 MEMShooting foul on Marc Gasol
7:1413-12SACJason Thompson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
7:1414-12SACJason Thompson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
7:0014-12MEMZach Randolph missed Turnaround Jump Shot
6:55 SACDefensive Rebound by Beno 6:55
6:4416-12SACBeno Udrih made Driving layup
6:32 MEMFull Timeout
6:21 SACPersonal foul on Samuel Dalembert
6:1516-12MEMJason Williams missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
6:12 SACDefensive Rebound by Samuel 6:12
6:0416-12SACSamuel Dalembert missed Turnaround Jump Shot
6:00 MEMDefensive Rebound by Marc 6:00
5:53 SACShooting foul on Jermaine Taylor
5:5316-13MEMTony Allen made 1st of 2 Free Throws
5:5316-14MEMTony Allen made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
5:4416-14SACJason Thompson missed Layup
5:39 SACOffensive Rebound by Beno 5:39
5:3618-14SACSamuel Dalembert made Layup, Assist Beno Udrih
5:1218-16MEMJason Williams made Layup
4:5720-16SACSamuel Dalembert made Jump Shot, Assist Omri Casspi
4:31 MEMBad pass turnover on Shane Battier
4:2220-16SACJermaine Taylor missed Layup
4:14 MEMDefensive Rebound by Zach 4:14
4:1220-16MEMJason Williams missed Jump Shot
4:09 SACDefensive Rebound by Omri 4:09
4:0122-16SACOmri Casspi made Layup
3:5122-18MEMZach Randolph made Slam Dunk, Assist Jason Williams
3:3322-18SACBeno Udrih missed Jump Shot
3:30 MEMDefensive Rebound by Zach 3:30
3:2222-18MEMShane Battier missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:19 SACDefensive Rebound by Samuel 3:19
3:1122-18SACSamuel Dalembert missed Jump Shot
3:08 MEMDefensive Rebound by Zach 3:08
2:58  TV Timeout
2:5622-18MEMO.J. Mayo missed Jump Shot
2:53 SACDefensive Rebound by Samuel 2:53
2:30 SACBad pass turnover on Jason Thompson
2:2222-20MEMDarrell Arthur made Jump Shot, Assist Greivis Vasquez
2:0222-20SACOmri Casspi missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:52 SACOffensive Rebound by Jermaine 1:52
1:52 SACLost ball turnover on Jermaine Taylor, Stolen by Marc Gasol
1:5122-22MEMGreivis Vasquez made Layup
1:3625-22SACBeno Udrih made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Jason Thompson
1:2725-22MEMGreivis Vasquez missed Jump Shot
1:25 SACDefensive Rebound by Samuel 1:25
1:2127-22SACBeno Udrih made Driving layup
1:0727-22MEMMarc Gasol missed Jump Shot
1:02 SACDefensive Rebound by Jermaine 1:02
56.027-22SACJason Thompson missed Jump Shot
53.0 MEMDefensive Rebound by Marc 53.0
38.027-24MEMDarrell Arthur made Turnaround Jump Shot, Assist Greivis Vasquez
38.0 SACShooting foul on Jason Thompson
38.027-25MEMDarrell Arthur made Free Throw
33.027-25SACBeno Udrih missed Layup, Blocked by Greivis Vasquez
16.0 MEMShooting foul on Darrell Arthur
16.027-25SACSamuel Dalembert missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
16.028-25SACSamuel Dalembert made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
6.0 MEMOffensive foul on Darrell Arthur
6.0 MEMIllegal pick turnover on Darrell Arthur
3.0 SACLost ball turnover on DeMarcus Cousins, Stolen by O.J. Mayo
1.028-25MEMO.J. Mayo missed Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
2nd Qtr
11:3630-25SACOmri Casspi made Jump Shot
11:2130-27MEMZach Randolph made Hook Shot
10:5630-27SACPooh Jeter missed Jump Shot
10:56 MEMDefensive Rebound by Mike 10:56
10:5430-27MEMMike Conley missed Layup
10:51 SACDefensive Rebound by Darnell 10:51
10:3630-27SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Hamed Haddadi
10:27 SACDefensive Rebound by Darnell 10:27
10:2630-27SACDarnell Jackson missed Jump Shot
10:23 MEMDefensive Rebound by Sam 10:23
10:2030-29MEMHamed Haddadi made Layup, Assist Zach Randolph
10:0130-29SACDarnell Jackson missed Jump Shot
9:57 MEMDefensive Rebound by Sam 9:57
9:4930-29MEMO.J. Mayo missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:46 SACDefensive Rebound by DeMarcus 9:46
9:2930-29SACMarcus Thornton missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:25 MEMDefensive Rebound by Mike 9:25
9:1630-31MEMMike Conley made Driving layup
8:5830-31SACDarnell Jackson missed Jump Shot
8:55 MEMDefensive Rebound by O.J. 8:55
8:4830-31MEMSam Young missed Jump Shot
8:45 SACDefensive Rebound by Darnell 8:45
8:3232-31SACDarnell Jackson made Driving layup, Assist Beno Udrih
8:14 SACShooting foul on DeMarcus Cousins
8:14  TV Timeout
8:1432-32MEMO.J. Mayo made 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:1432-33MEMO.J. Mayo made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:0234-33SACDeMarcus Cousins made Driving Dunk
7:3834-33MEMSam Young missed Jump Shot
7:35 MEMOffensive Rebound by Zach 7:35
7:3434-35MEMZach Randolph made Layup
7:21 MEMShooting foul on Hamed Haddadi
7:2135-35SACDeMarcus Cousins made 1st of 2 Free Throws
7:2136-35SACDeMarcus Cousins made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
7:12 SACPersonal foul on DeMarcus Cousins
7:06 MEMLost ball turnover on Mike Conley, Stolen by Pooh Jeter
6:5836-35SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Hook Shot
6:54 MEMDefensive Rebound by Zach 6:54
6:52 MEMLost ball turnover on Mike Conley, Stolen by Marcus Thornton
6:3936-35SACMarcus Thornton missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Hamed Haddadi
6:39 MEMDefensive Rebound by O.J. 6:39
6:3836-37MEMMike Conley made Layup, Assist Sam Young
6:3038-37SACDarnell Jackson made Slam Dunk, Assist DeMarcus Cousins
6:1338-39MEMZach Randolph made Hook Shot
6:0238-39SACDarnell Jackson missed Jump Shot
6:00 MEMDefensive Rebound by Hamed 6:00
5:5638-39MEMHamed Haddadi missed Layup
5:53 MEMOffensive Rebound by Hamed 5:53
5:5138-41MEMHamed Haddadi made Layup
5:51 SACShooting foul on Darnell Jackson
5:51 MEMFull Timeout
5:5138-41MEMHamed Haddadi missed Free Throw
5:51 SACDefensive Rebound by Omri 5:51
5:3738-41SACMarcus Thornton missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:34 MEMDefensive Rebound by Mike 5:34
5:2538-43MEMSam Young made Layup
5:0940-43SACBeno Udrih made Jump Shot, Assist DeMarcus Cousins
4:44 SACShooting foul on Jason Thompson
4:4440-43MEMZach Randolph missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
4:4440-44MEMZach Randolph made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:2542-44SACBeno Udrih made Jump Shot, Assist Jason Thompson
4:1442-46MEMZach Randolph made Jump Shot
3:51 MEMPersonal foul on Marc Gasol
3:5142-46SACDeMarcus Cousins missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
3:5142-46SACDeMarcus Cousins missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
3:51 MEMDefensive Rebound by Marc 3:51
3:3642-46MEMMarc Gasol missed Jump Shot
3:33 SACDefensive Rebound by Beno 3:33
3:2944-46SACOmri Casspi made Jump Shot, Assist Marcus Thornton
3:0544-47MEMMarc Gasol made Free Throw, Assist Mike Conley
2:4446-47SACMarcus Thornton made Jump Shot
2:1346-49MEMMarc Gasol made Layup
2:0948-49SACMarcus Thornton made Jump Shot
1:4048-51MEMSam Young made Layup
1:2748-51SACJason Thompson missed Layup
1:22 MEMDefensive Rebound by Zach 1:22
1:17 SACPersonal foul on Marcus Thornton
1:1748-52MEMZach Randolph made 1st of 2 Free Throws
1:1748-53MEMZach Randolph made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
1:0448-53SACSamuel Dalembert missed Jump Shot
1:00 MEMDefensive Rebound by Zach 1:00
50.048-55MEMZach Randolph made Driving layup
30.0 SACOffensive foul on DeMarcus Cousins
30.0 SACOffensive Foul turnover on DeMarcus Cousins
14.048-57MEMJason Williams made Jump Shot
4.0 MEMShooting foul on Marc Gasol
4.048-57SACMarcus Thornton missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
4.049-57SACMarcus Thornton made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
1.049-57MEMJason Williams missed 3-pt. Running Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
3rd Qtr
11:4451-57SACSamuel Dalembert made Layup
11:16 SACShooting foul on Beno Udrih
11:1651-58MEMMike Conley made 1st of 2 Free Throws
11:1651-59MEMMike Conley made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
11:0853-59SACBeno Udrih made Jump Shot, Assist Samuel Dalembert
10:4853-59MEMTony Allen missed Layup, Blocked by Jason Thompson
10:39 SACDefensive Rebound by Samuel 10:39
10:36 SACLost ball turnover on Samuel Dalembert, Stolen by Sam Young
10:2753-61MEMTony Allen made Layup, Assist Sam Young
10:1155-61SACJason Thompson made Slam Dunk, Assist Jermaine Taylor
10:0455-61MEMMike Conley missed Driving layup
10:00 MEMOffensive Rebound by Marc 10:00
9:5955-63MEMMarc Gasol made Layup
9:49 SACTravelling turnover on Jermaine Taylor
9:3555-65MEMMarc Gasol made Turnaround Jump Shot
9:18 MEMPersonal foul on Zach Randolph
9:1455-65SACJason Thompson missed Layup, Blocked by Mike Conley
9:0657-65SACBeno Udrih made Jump Shot, Assist Jason Thompson
8:5357-67MEMZach Randolph made Jump Shot
8:4657-67SACOmri Casspi missed Layup
8:42 MEMDefensive Rebound by Zach 8:42
8:2457-67MEMMarc Gasol missed Jump Shot
8:09 SAC3-second violation turnover on Samuel Dalembert
7:5857-67MEMMike Conley missed Jump Shot
7:56 SACDefensive Rebound by Omri 7:56
7:4157-67SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Marc Gasol
7:37 MEMDefensive Rebound by Tony 7:37
7:3557-69MEMSam Young made Driving layup, Assist Tony Allen
7:1757-69SACOmri Casspi missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:15 SACOffensive Rebound by Samuel 7:15
7:1257-69SACJermaine Taylor missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:09 MEMDefensive Rebound by Sam 7:09
7:0757-71MEMSam Young made Alley-oop, Assist Mike Conley
7:03 SACFull Timeout
6:5557-71SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Jump Shot
6:53 MEMDefensive Rebound by Sam 6:53
6:2957-73MEMZach Randolph made Driving layup, Assist Mike Conley
6:2159-73SACJermaine Taylor made Driving layup
6:0059-75MEMZach Randolph made Layup, Assist Marc Gasol
5:44 MEMShooting foul on Sam Young
5:4459-75SACDeMarcus Cousins missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
5:4460-75SACDeMarcus Cousins made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
5:3360-75MEMMarc Gasol missed Jump Shot
5:29 MEMOffensive Rebound by Zach 5:29
5:2860-77MEMZach Randolph made Layup
5:13 SACOffensive foul on Samuel Dalembert
5:13 SAC24-second shotclock violaton turnover on Samuel Dalembert
5:0360-77MEMMike Conley missed Driving layup
4:5760-77MEMSam Young missed Jump Shot
4:54 MEMOffensive Rebound by Zach 4:54
4:4260-77MEMZach Randolph missed Driving layup
4:37 SACDefensive Rebound by DeMarcus 4:37
4:2662-77SACBeno Udrih made Driving layup, Assist Jermaine Taylor
4:1762-79MEMMarc Gasol made Layup
4:17 SACShooting foul on DeMarcus Cousins
4:1762-80MEMMarc Gasol made Free Throw
4:06 MEMPersonal foul on Sam Young
4:04 MEMPersonal foul on Zach Randolph
4:04 MEMTechnical foul on Zach Randolph
4:0462-80SACBeno Udrih missed Technical Free Throw
3:5862-80SACMarcus Thornton missed Jump Shot
3:55 MEMDefensive Rebound by Shane 3:55
3:4662-82MEMMarc Gasol made Driving Dunk
3:3262-82SACJermaine Taylor missed Layup, Blocked by Shane Battier
3:17 MEMDefensive Rebound by Marc 3:17
3:1662-82MEMMarc Gasol missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:16 SACDefensive Rebound by DeMarcus 3:16
3:1562-82SACJermaine Taylor missed Layup, Blocked by Shane Battier
3:1362-82SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Jump Shot
3:09 MEMDefensive Rebound by O.J. 3:09
2:58 MEMOut of bounds turnover on O.J. Mayo
2:58 MEMFull Timeout
2:4764-82SACMarcus Thornton made Driving layup
2:2964-84MEMDarrell Arthur made Jump Shot, Assist Shane Battier
2:24 SACFull Timeout
2:1766-84SACMarcus Thornton made Jump Shot, Assist Beno Udrih
2:02 SACPersonal foul on Jermaine Taylor
2:0066-86MEMMike Conley made Jump Shot
1:4366-86SACMarcus Thornton missed Fadeaway Jump Shot
1:39 MEMDefensive Rebound by Mike 1:39
1:3566-86MEMDarrell Arthur missed Slam Dunk, Blocked by Darnell Jackson
1:29 SACDefensive Rebound by Beno 1:29
1:14 SACOffensive foul on Darnell Jackson
1:14 SACIllegal pick turnover on Darnell Jackson
1:0166-86MEMO.J. Mayo missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
55.0 MEMOffensive Rebound by Hamed 55.0
48.066-88MEMHamed Haddadi made Slam Dunk, Assist Jason Williams
21.066-88SACBeno Udrih missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
21.0 SACOffensive Rebound by Darnell 21.0
20.0 SACLost ball turnover on Darnell Jackson, Stolen by O.J. Mayo
11.066-90MEMO.J. Mayo made Slam Dunk
4.066-90SACMarcus Thornton missed Jump Shot
1.0 MEMDefensive Rebound by Hamed 1.0
0.0End of period.
4th Qtr
11:4666-90MEMO.J. Mayo missed Floating Jump Shot
11:41 MEMOffensive Rebound by Darrell 11:41
11:4166-92MEMDarrell Arthur made Layup
11:41 SACShooting foul on Darnell Jackson
11:4166-92MEMDarrell Arthur missed Free Throw
11:41 SACDefensive Rebound by DeMarcus 11:41
11:3066-92SACPooh Jeter missed Jump Shot
11:30 MEMDefensive Rebound by Jason 11:30
11:1866-94MEMDarrell Arthur made Hook Shot
10:5266-94SACMarcus Thornton missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Hamed Haddadi
10:4968-94SACDeMarcus Cousins made Layup, Assist Omri Casspi
10:49 MEMShooting foul on Hamed Haddadi
10:4969-94SACDeMarcus Cousins made Free Throw
10:3769-96MEMShane Battier made Reverse Layup
10:3071-96SACPooh Jeter made Jump Shot
10:14 MEMBad pass turnover on Jason Williams
10:0871-96SACOmri Casspi missed Jump Shot
10:05 SACOffensive Rebound by DeMarcus 10:05
10:0473-96SACDeMarcus Cousins made Layup
9:4673-96MEMHamed Haddadi missed Slam Dunk
9:41 SACDefensive Rebound by Omri 9:41
9:41 SACOffensive foul on Darnell Jackson
9:41 SACOffensive Foul turnover on Darnell Jackson
9:3073-96MEMHamed Haddadi missed Hook Shot
9:26 MEMOffensive Rebound by Hamed 9:26
9:1973-98MEMHamed Haddadi made Layup
9:14 SACLost ball turnover on Pooh Jeter, Stolen by Shane Battier
8:5973-98MEMO.J. Mayo missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:56 SACDefensive Rebound by DeMarcus 8:56
8:42 SACLost ball turnover on DeMarcus Cousins, Stolen by O.J. Mayo
8:3573-101MEMO.J. Mayo made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Shane Battier
8:29 SACFull Timeout
8:21 MEMPersonal foul on O.J. Mayo
8:1775-101SACMarcus Thornton made Driving layup
7:5975-104MEMO.J. Mayo made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Darrell Arthur
7:4777-104SACPooh Jeter made Jump Shot
7:3577-106MEMJason Williams made Jump Shot
7:2277-106SACMarcus Thornton missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:19 MEMDefensive Rebound by Jason 7:19
7:18 MEMLost ball turnover on O.J. Mayo, Stolen by Omri Casspi
7:0677-106SACPooh Jeter missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:06 SACOffensive Rebound by Omri 7:06
7:05 MEMShooting foul on Hamed Haddadi
7:0578-106SACOmri Casspi made 1st of 2 Free Throws
7:0579-106SACOmri Casspi made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
6:4979-106MEMO.J. Mayo missed Jump Shot
6:45 MEMOffensive Rebound by Darrell 6:45
6:4479-108MEMDarrell Arthur made Layup
6:3179-108SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Layup, Blocked by Hamed Haddadi
6:21 SACOffensive Rebound by DeMarcus 6:21
6:2081-108SACDeMarcus Cousins made Layup
6:0981-110MEMHamed Haddadi made Layup, Assist Jason Williams
6:03 SACFull Timeout
5:4681-110SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Jump Shot
5:34 SACOffensive Rebound by Marcus 5:34
5:3381-110SACMarcus Thornton missed Tip-in
5:30 MEMDefensive Rebound by O.J. 5:30
5:2781-112MEMDarrell Arthur made Jump Shot, Assist Hamed Haddadi
5:15 SACOffensive foul on Darnell Jackson
5:15 SACOffensive Foul turnover on Darnell Jackson
5:04 SACPersonal foul on DeMarcus Cousins
5:02 MEMLost ball turnover on Jason Williams, Stolen by DeMarcus Cousins
4:4881-112SACPooh Jeter missed Jump Shot
4:46 MEMDefensive Rebound by Shane 4:46
4:38 SACShooting foul on DeMarcus Cousins
4:3881-113MEMDarrell Arthur made 1st of 2 Free Throws
4:3881-114MEMDarrell Arthur made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:1783-114SACMarcus Thornton made Driving layup
3:5483-117MEMO.J. Mayo made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Shane Battier
3:4285-117SACDarnell Jackson made Jump Shot, Assist Pooh Jeter
3:3085-117MEMHamed Haddadi missed Alley-oop
3:24 SACDefensive Rebound by Marcus 3:24
3:2085-117SACMarcus Thornton missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:16 MEMDefensive Rebound by Hamed 3:16
2:5685-119MEMGreivis Vasquez made Jump Shot
2:40 MEMPersonal foul on Greivis Vasquez
2:40  TV Timeout
2:3788-119SACDonte Greene made 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:1888-119MEMHamed Haddadi missed Jump Shot
2:15 MEMOffensive Rebound by Rodney 2:15
2:1488-121MEMRodney Carney made Layup
2:02 SACLost ball turnover on Pooh Jeter, Stolen by Rodney Carney
1:4888-121MEMRodney Carney missed Jump Shot
1:45 SACDefensive Rebound by Pooh 1:45
1:3888-121SACJermaine Taylor missed Reverse Layup, Blocked by Hamed Haddadi
1:31 MEMDefensive Rebound by Hamed 1:31
1:1088-121MEMGreivis Vasquez missed Driving layup
1:15 SACDefensive Rebound by Jermaine 1:15
1:0790-121SACJermaine Taylor made Alley-oop, Assist Donte Greene
59.0 MEMBad pass turnover on Hamed Haddadi
51.092-121SACMarcus Thornton made Jump Shot
27.092-121MEMO.J. Mayo missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
24.0 SACDefensive Rebound by Pooh 24.0
20.092-121SACPooh Jeter missed Jump Shot
18.0 MEMDefensive Rebound by Hamed 18.0
0.0End of period.