Gerald Green is trying to help people in his native Houston. USATSI

Houston is currently dealing with devastating floods caused by Hurricane Harvey that has forced thousands from their homes or left them stranded. Lots of people are pitching in to help rescue those who are stuck, with emergency personnel and regular people working hand in hand to bring people to safety. One of those people is Gerald Green.

Green, a Houston native who played for the Boston Celtics last season, recently posted a video on Instagram asking for anyone with a boat in the area to let him know so he can meet up with them and go out to rescue people. 

(Warning: NSFW language in the video)

Get at me ASAP!

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"Anybody in Houston right now. Anybody in Houston got a boat, I don't care what it is, get at me. I'm tryna help our people in Houston dog. I need somebody with a boat that can help me go out here and rescue people."

Green posted the video from his truck, which he said is rather large and can get around some of the flooded areas that other people in smaller cars cannot reach.