There are normal volleys during tennis matches, and then there are volleys involving Alexander Bublik. Bubik wanted to make things a little more interesting during a match at the Miami Open on Sunday, so while facing Casper Ruud on Sunday, he used the handle of the racket to win a point.

The move left everyone watching surprised and impressed, even his opponent.

Take a look at the wild trick shot:

Bublik was visibly thrilled with his execution, as shown by the grin on his face. I can't blame him, I would be too if I pulled something like that off during a tournament. Even tennis star Nick Kyrgios was stunned by it.

Bublik went 0-4 to start against Ruud, but moved to game point and it was then that he decided to pull out something a little bit unusual. Bublik ran up to the net, flipped his racket upside down, got into the perfect spot and hit the ball with the bottom of the racket, sending it over just as planned.

Ruud returned the shot, but Bublik was ready with an overhead smash that secured a point. The No. 30 seed did wind up losing to Ruud, the No. 6 seed, 6-3, 6-2.