There probably aren't many NBA fans who spend a lot of time thinking about divisions. Even the most loyal viewer might find it hard to rattle off each team in all six NBA divisions (yes, there are six). While most of the attention is paid to conference standings since they determine playoff seeding, division championships are often ignored rather than celebrated.

But divisions aren't entirely irrelevant. Teams play intradivision rivals four times each, while they only play against some conference opponents three times and teams from the other conference twice. Also, if two teams finish the season with the same record (and an even head-to-head record), division winners and teams with better division records get preference in tiebreakers.

All this to say that divisions do (sometimes) matter, so it's best to be in one with bad teams. We decided to rank all six NBA divisions in terms of difficulty, with one clearly terrifying group and one that is not exactly inspiring fear in opponents. 

1. Pacific Division

CBS Sports Top 100 players: 18 -- LeBron James (1), Kawhi Leonard (2), Stephen Curry (3), Anthony Davis (5), Paul George (8), Draymond Green (12), Klay Thompson (26), Devin Booker (32), De'Aaron Fox (38), D'Angelo Russell (44), Lou Williams (50), Buddy Hield (64), Marvin Bagley III (74), Montrezl Harrell (78), Patrick Beverley (80), Deandre Ayton (86), Harrison Barnes (89), Danny Green (90).

A division with this season's top two NBA title favorites and last season's Western Conference champion (however depleted) has to be the toughest in the NBA. The star power alone is remarkable with four of the top five players in the league in the Pacific. Add in the upstart Kings, who will be in the hunt for a playoff spot, and the Suns -- who shouldn't be quite as awful as they usually are -- and you have one powerhouse of a division.

"Yeah I would say so," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said when asked if this was the toughest Pacific division his group has played in. "Obviously both L.A. teams are really top teams in the league, and then Sacramento's got some great young talent. And Phoenix, I think getting Ricky Rubio has put them in a place where they have a chance to get a lot better quickly, just with a guy to tie it together for that young talent that they have. So, definitely the best the Pacific has been since I've been here."

2. Atlantic Division

CBS Sports Top 100 players: 21 -- Joel Embiid (7), Kyrie Irving (15), Kemba Walker (16), Ben Simmons (21), Pascal Siakam (28), Al Horford (29), Kyle Lowry (34), Jayson Tatum (37), Tobias Harris (41), Gordon Hayward (48), Marcus Smart (53), Jaylen Brown (55), Caris LeVert (61), Josh Richardson (63), Marc Gasol (65), Julius Randle (85), Fred VanVleet (88), Spencer Dinwiddie (91), Serge Ibaka (97), Joe Harris (99), Jarrett Allen (100).

The Atlantic may not be top-heavy in star power, but the depth is certainly there with 21 Top 100 players -- the most of any division. That's what happens when four of the teams in your division could legitimately finish in the top-five in the East. Yes, the other team is the Knicks, but even they should have an up year from where they have been.

3. Northwest Division

CBS Sports Top 100 players: 18 -- Damian Lillard (9), Nikola Jokic (10), Karl-Anthony Towns (11), Rudy Gobert (17), CJ McCollum (23), Mike Conley (24), Donovan Mitchell (27), Chris Paul (31), Jamal Murray (40), Danilo Gallinari (46), Paul Millsap (51), Steven Adams (57), Gary Harris (59), Joe Ingles (66), Robert Covington (68), Bojan Bogdanovic (72), Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (93), Jerami Grant (95).

The Nuggets and Jazz could both compete for the No. 1 seed in the West, the Blazers are a perennial playoff team with one of the league's most exciting backcourts, the Thunder are better than most people realize and the Timberwolves have one of the best young players in the game. Don't sleep on the Northwest this season.

"Just navigate it day by day," Timberwolves coach Ryan Saunders said of getting through the division this season. "We understand that it is a tough division, it is a tough conference -- it's a tough league. But you still have to play the games. We feel that if we put the work in, in our daily practices and our daily shootarounds, whatever it may be, that down the line it will pay off for us."

4. Southwest Division

CBS Sports Top 100 players: 18 -- James Harden (6), Russell Westbrook (19), Jrue Holiday (20), Luka Doncic (22), Kristaps Porzingis (33), LaMarcus Aldridge (36), DeMar DeRozan (43), Jaren Jackson Jr. (52), Clint Capela (56), Zion Williamson (67), Eric Gordon (69), PJ Tucker (70), Derrick White (73), Brandon Ingram (76), Lonzo Ball (79), Derrick Favors (83), JJ Redick (84), Jonas Valanciunas (94).

Depending on your feelings about Harden, this is one of the most fun divisions to watch in the whole league. The Southwest has star power, four teams that could potentially make the playoffs, and Westbrook, Doncic, Porzingis, Jackson, Williamson and Ball are all peak entertainment.

5. Central Division

CBS Sports Top 100 players: 15 -- Giannis Antetokounmpo (4), Blake Griffin (18), Victor Oladipo (25), Khris Middleton (30), Kevin Love (39), Myles Turner (42), Eric Bledsoe (47), Brook Lopez (49), Andre Drummond (60), Malcolm Brogdon (62), Domantas Sabonis (71), Lauri Markkanen (75), Zach LaVine (77), Otto Porter (81), Thaddeus Young (87).

This division could make a jump if Oladipo returns at full strength, but right now it's incredibly top-heavy with the Bucks as one of the best teams in the league. The Bulls could make a climb into playoff position, but overall this isn't the toughest division out there.

6. Southeast Division

CBS Sports Top 100 players: 10 -- Bradley Beal (13), Jimmy Butler (14), Nikola Vucevic (35), Trae Young (45), Aaron Gordon (54), John Collins (58), Justise Winslow (82), Goran Dragic (92), Jonathan Isaac (96), Bam Adebayo (98).

Yeah, this wasn't exactly a difficult decision. The Hawks should be improved, but the Wizards and Hornets could be two of the worst teams in the league this season. Even the division's two potential playoff teams, the Heat and Magic, aren't sure things.