The top of the AP Top 25 remains mostly unchanged following Week 7, with one notable exception. Michigan has jumped Clemson for the third spot after the Tigers struggled with NC State on Saturday.

The other changes in the top 10 are Wisconsin dropping from eighth to 10th, Tennessee dropping from ninth to 18th, Nebraska moving up from 10th to eighth and Baylor climbing from 11th to ninth.

The only drop bigger than Tennessee in the polls this week was by Ole Miss, down 11 spots from 12th to 23rd. Miami (FL) and Virginia Tech drop out of the top 25 completely after losses over the weekend, while North Carolina and LSU re-enter the top 25 in their place.

Here are the full poll results:

1. Alabama (60 first-place votes)
2. Ohio State
3. Michigan (1)
4. Clemson
5. Washington
6. Texas A&M
7. Louisville
8. Nebraska
9. Baylor
10. Wisconsin
11. Houston
12. West Virginia
13. Florida State
14. Boise State
15. Florida
16. Oklahoma
17. Arkansas
18. Tennessee
19. Utah
20. Western Michigan
21. Auburn
22. North Carolina
23. Ole Miss
24. Navy
25. LSU