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If endless crunches, planks and twists haven't resulted in the ab muscles of your dreams, the tool you need is on sale at Amazon for Amazon Prime Day.

Ab rollers utilize your entire core, not to mention getting your arms, back and shoulders in on the muscle-building fun.  One of Amazon's top-rated (4.6 stars, go off!) ab rollers is 40% off for Prime Day.  It's small, relatively inexpensive and just may be the ticket to getting the summer six-pack you've been working toward.

Vinsguir ab roller is 40% off

Vinsguir ab roller wheel: Save 40%


Targeting more muscle groups in less time, Vinsguir's ab roller offers a challenging ab workout that actually offers results. Reviews lauded this ab workout calling it an "ab killer," which is exactly the goal, right?

Ab rollers take practice, but provide an efficient way to target core muscles, while also helping to strengthen hip flexors and the lower back, all necessary to provide long-lasting core strength and stability.

Top features of Vinsguir Ab Roller:

  • 3.2 inch dual-wheel ab roller offers extra stability and support compared to a single-wheel ab roller.
  • High-strength stainless steel shaft supports up to 500 pounds maximum weight capacity.
  • A versatile workout, use ab rollers for a variety of workouts that target more muscle groups than single-use equipment.

Vinsguir Ab Roller Wheel, $20 (reduced from $34)

$20 at Amazon

Shop more Prime Day deals on abdominal equipment

If you're really looking to level up your ab-game and finally see some results, Prime Day is a great time to grab more deals and diversify your abdominal workout. Check out some of our favorite Prime Day deals on abdominal exercisers.

Flybird Ab Workout Equipment: Save 56%


Flybird's 4.6-star rated abdominal machine (39.37"L x 19.88"W x 32.87"H) features "bottom up" motion that gives hard-to-reach lower abs attention and tone.  This machine features four incline angle and five adjustable heights, allowing you to create a customized workout based on the intensity and angle you choose. These different angles mean this machine levels up as you get stronger.

Constructed from premium commercial thickness steel, the dual-track frame is cleverly designed with a triangular structure to eliminate rocking and instability that can often come with less-thoughtful at-home fitness equipment.  The LCD monitor shows repetitions, workout time and calories burnt, helping you track your workout – and your progress.

We like that this machine is easy to fold, the space-saving design means owners don't need a large dedicated gym space to use this machine. This machine comes 90% pre-assembled, only four steps await you upon delivery.

Flybird Ab Workout Equipment, $88 (reduced from $200)

$88 at Amazon

Xenguan Abs Stimulator: Now $40 with Prime


If your're prone to feeling dubious about "gadgets" that promise a flat belly and killer abs, we get it, but give this ab muscle stimulator a chance. You'll be so happy you did.  

The product's 4.5 out of 5 stars made us take a look, but customer feedback was glowing to the point of celebratory.  From "great for reducing belly," to "LOVE IT," customers couldn't say enough good things about this ab muscle stimulator.  Here's how it works.

12 exercise modes and 10 intensity levels help users customize a workout, suggested 20 minutes a day, five times per week.

This lightweight abdominal belt is comfortable to wear and engages abdominal muscles to help tone and eliminate belly fat.  Designed with an LCD display, get data analytics to help customize your workout and get the results you've longed for.

Xenguan Abs Stimulator, $40 with Prime (reduced $60)

$40 at Amazon

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Amazon Prime Day 2023 is finally here. The two-day deals event at Amazon, running July 11 - 12, is one of the biggest sales events of the year. You can get Black Friday-like pricing on home gym essentials such as free weightstreadmills, massage guns, Apple AirPods, fitness trackers (like Garmin and the Apple Watch), heart rate monitors and so much more. In short, if it's sports or fitness related, there's probably a top-rated option on sale right now during Amazon Prime Day.

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