Podcast: A long conversation about possible changes to Division I transfer rules

The possibility of the NCAA someday allowing basketball and football players to transfer from one Division I university to another without penalty has been a big topic of conversation the past week. So, naturally, Matt Norlander and I opened this episode of the Eye on College Basketball Podcast with a conversation about that.

As I wrote last week, I'm all for it.

The idea that amateurs are often restricted and penalized for changing schools has never made sense to me.  And though I acknowledge it likely would increase the number of transfers and complicate the jobs of coaches, I still insist the good for the student-athlete outweighs the bad for the college coach. And I'm not convinced the bad for the college coach will be that bad or even bad at all. And, for what it's worth, I talked to a couple of college coaches this weekend who agree.

Simply put, it's the right thing to do.

So here's hoping the NCAA eventually does it.

After that conversation we discussed the NCAA/Houston/Hurricane Harvey situation that went viral Saturday morning, and I explained how the NCAA turned a possible PR win into an incredible PR loss. A proactive/smart approach could have avoided the entire mess. They would be wise to learn from their mistake. And, finally, we closed on Marvin Bagley being certified for freshman eligibility at Duke. Did it happen more quickly than expected? Yeah, definitely. But, either way, it's great for college basketball to have a prospect like this in uniform. And Duke is going to be super-interesting this season.

The latest Eye on College Basketball podcast is below.

Give it a listen.


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