Dana White removes judge during event; UFC admits protocol breach

dana white
Dana White broke UFC protocol last weekend by removing a judge. (Getty Images)

UFC president Dana White breached protocol when he removed a judge from his duties prior to the end of an event in China, both White and the organization admit Tuesday.

White removed Howard Hughes from his judging duties after just two fights, apparently because he didn't agree with the way they were scored. The UFC released a statement Tuesday indicating a breach in protocol.

"After the second fight of the night, UFC President Dana White requested that Howard Hughes, one of the event's five assigned judges, be removed from working any further bouts," the statement reads, in part. "Pursuant to UFC's protocol, neither White nor any other UFC executive possesses such authority. Nevertheless, protocol was breached and Hughes did not work further bouts on Saturday night."

For his part, White agreed that he had been out of line.

"I got a little crazy and I overstepped my bounds. I was wrong," White said in Mexico on Tuesday, according to ESPN.

As of now, it doesn't appear White will face any disciplinary action.

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