Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is officially the world's highest paid actor

When Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stepped out of the wrestling ring and onto the big screen in the 2001 thriller The Mummy Returns, not many people thought he'd be where he is today.

According to his Instagram post, Johnson was informed by Forbes that he is officially the world's highest paid actor.

"Receiving news like this will always serve as my anchoring reminder to continue to work even harder," he said in the post. "I was evicted at 14 years old and completely broke by 23. Every day I wake up as if that eviction notice is right around the corner waiting for me."

Johnson ranks 19th on the Forbes list of 2016's highest-paid celebrities (from June to June), having raked in a reported $64.5 million. His Central Intelligence co-star Kevin Hart is listed at No. 6, but he makes a large portion of his income from stand-up comedy, taking him out of the "actor" category.

Johnson won a national title in 1991 while playing football for the University of Miami. After a short stint in the CFL, he turned to professional wrestling, where he became one of the most popular figures in the WWE.

From there, he transitioned to acting and has starred in films such as Tooth Fairy, San Andreas and the Fast & Furious franchise.

He currently stars in the HBO show, Ballers, and according to his IMDb page, he's scheduled to appear in at least 10 projects between now and 2019, including the upcoming big-screen adaptation of Baywatch.

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