This floating golf course in the Maldives might actually happen

One of the ideas of what the course might look like. (Waterstudio)

No matter your stance on climate change, and the effects it will have, the people in charge in the Maldives is trying to come up with a plan of attack in case the water continues to rise. 

Yes, the Maldivian government, Troon Golf and Waterstudio, a Dutch architecture firm, are in serious discussions about a golf course that would cost $520 million, but mostly because the whole thing would be floating on the water.

Yes, a floating golf course, set with underwater tunnels and, hopefully, a golf ball vending machine at the turn for all the golf balls you'll lose.

The Maldives is an island group in the Indian Ocean, and they've been gearing up in case the ocean's water level rises, since most of their land is just above sea level. Floating golf courses is just one of the many things they've considered, but seriously, how cool would this be?

An entire golf course that floats? Who wouldn't want to play that. I'm just hoping the water isn't too choppy when I'm standing on my career round on the 18th hole. 

You can read more about what the plan is here, and check out some of the other ideas people have for floating golf in that area. 

h/t Devil Ball

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