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If you're a baseball fan, there's a good chance you can recognize Zack Hample. He's the guy who attends MLB games solely with the goal of catching home run balls. And he's not bad at it either, as he has over 11,000 baseballs in his collection, according to his website.

Well, Hample failed to add one more baseball to his massive collection on Monday night and took a hard fall that had the internet talking about it in the process. During the Giants vs. Phillies game, Hample was running to grab a home run ball that was hit by San Francisco first baseman Brandon Belt. Hample was not particularly close to wear the ball was set to land, so he ran down a set of stairs and then had to jump over a row of seats.

That's when he fell.

Despite all that effort, another fan was able to grab the ball as Hample reached for it when he was on the ground.

"Watch this guy eat it! Whoops, see ya," the Giants broadcast team said during the sequence.

Hample seemed to take it all in stride. The MLB collector took to Twitter to comment on the hilarious situation.

"To all my friends who've been texting/DM-ing to ask if I'm okay, thank you! I'm fine. And to all the haters, I'll be back at it tomorrow at a different stadium," Hample tweeted.

Here's another reminder that Hample has 11,000 baseballs from MLB stadiums, so he will probably get over missing the one from Monday night. According to his website, he's caught some historic blasts, such as Alex Rodriguez's 3,000th career hit and Mike Trout's first career home run.