Mets offer 50 Cent a chance to redeem himself from that infamous first pitch

You'll recall that rapper/actor/producer 50 Cent in 2014 authored what may be the most lamentable ceremonial first pitch in the annals of recorded time. Please bear chagrined witness all over again ... 

Hills be shaken: That was as terrible today as it was back then. Anyhow, such an effort demands that the perpetrator usher himself to the margins of society until the release of sweet death or the opportunity for redemption presents itself, whichever comes first. Luckily for Mr. Cent, it appears to be the latter ... 

Fitty recently told Neil Best of Newsday that he would one day like to redeem himself on the mound, and the Mets, as you see above, are giving him that chance and or calling his bluff. On the downside, he tells Best that perhaps he got too hyped up prior to the offering you see above. The pressure will only be greater the next time, and so, perhaps, will be the odds against success.

People, don't ever shrink from a challenge. Instead act like you have something else to do and thus don't have time. Otherwise you would crush it. They say you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take, but that's not true because zero can't be a denominator. You see, basic mathematics tells us not to try in the first place. In the name of all that is holy, don't ever try.

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