New Marlins ownership group reportedly may look to trade Giancarlo Stanton

Recently in this space, we gave a full breakdown of the trade scuttle regarding Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton. One of things we pointed out is that a trade of Stanton and the almost $300 million left on his contract (plus that opt-out after 2020) seemed more likely to happen after Derek Jeter's group (presumably) finalizes its purchase of the club. After all, the decision to trade Stanton is a major, franchise-altering one, and it's probably one you'd want to leave up to the next guy in. 

We already know that Stanton has passed through waivers and is thus eligible to be dealt in August. However, it's indeed looking like a winter trade of Stanton is more likely than one during the 2017 season. Here's the latest from Jon Heyman of FanRagSports

In any case, the word going around is that the new owners are very likely to pare the payroll from the current franchise high of $100-million plus over the next couple of years – not surprising since the team is expected to lose about $70 million this year. Under these circumstances, a lowered payroll shouldn't be considered a shocker. There is no way to seriously do that with Stanton and his escalating contract on the team.

Stanton, the major-league home run leader, has obviously proved he's still capable of producing at a high level, so there's a market for him. The money, though, is the thing. As Heyman notes, Stanton's deal is heavily backloaded, and that opt-out places pretty much all the risk and downside on the team. That's why the Marlins are going to have to kick in cash to make any trade happen. 

Mostly all of this is ... developing. Very developing. 

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