Report: Mitch Williams to take leave of absence from MLB Network

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In the past week, MLB Network analyst and former major-league closer Mitch Williams has gotten attention for all the wrong reasons, as reports have surfaced that he's gone a bit overboard in coaching his 10-year-old son's baseball team. In light of those allegations, it appears, Williams has decided to take a leave of absence from MLB Network.

First, there were the reports from fans at the game that Williams went a bit nuts on an umpire, including calling the umpire a profane name (which he denied). Then there was the report that Williams ordered his pitcher to hit an opposing player with a pitch.

Williams himself has offered up only two brief statements on Twitter:

Still, it seemed like only a matter of time until this next step happened. Here it is, via

The MLB Network told the Daily News Saturday afternoon that Williams is taking a leave of absence from the network.

"Mitch Williams has decided to take a leave of absence from his role at MLB Network at this time," an MLB Network spokesperson said in an email to the Daily News. "We are continuing to look into the matter."

Hopefully his time off doesn't include an increase in time coaching youth baseball.

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