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Los Angeles Dodgers star Mookie Betts is having an impressive World Series. He had two steals, a home run and two runs scored (and free tacos for everyone!) in their Game 1, 8-3 win over the Tampa Bay Rays. Betts is playing so well in 2020 that he has people starting to debate who the best active player in MLB is.

David Samson gave his thoughts on his podcast, "Nothing Personal with David Samson," and explained why Betts isn't as good as he's given credit for.

"Mookie Betts has gotten a lot of attention," Samson began, adding that this is a shift from the normal "best player in baseball" conversation.

That conversation always usually centers around Los Angeles Angles infielder Mike Trout.

"[Trout] may not be the face of baseball... he may not want to be the face of baseball, he may not want in any way to draw attention to himself, he may not want to draw attention to the fact that he has not won one postseason series...  but there was never a question that he was the best player in baseball," Samson said.

The reason the podcast host believes Betts is now being called the current best player is recency bias.

"When there are players in the playoffs and those players perform at an incredibly high level, those players are looked at as being better than they are," Samson said. "They're calling him (Betts) the greatest player currently in baseball. My issue is, he's not. If I had to choose a player to start a team, ignoring payroll, just who do you want on your team now, of course I want Mike Trout."

Samson then compared the two, saying he believes Trout is equally as good in the field as Betts and is a better hitter.

"Mike Trout is not as fast, but he can run the bases. He is someone who you would want to build a team around," Samson said.

Unfortunately for Trout, the rest of his team is not at his level, so the opportunities vary greatly from those of Betts, who has been on two World Series teams in three years.

The Dodgers and Rays are tied at 1-1 in the World Series, with Game 3 set for Friday night.