So the Dodgers now have seven starting pitchers on the disabled list

The Dodgers remain in the thick of the NL West race this season despite an uncommon rash of pitching injuries. As it turns out, said rash is still red and itchy and stuff ...

So Scott Kazmir hits the disabled list with neck inflammation, and Anderson gets laid up with a blister. That brings the Dodgers' total number of starting pitchers currently on the DL to seven. Seven! Also on the DL along with Kazmir and Anderson are Clayton Kershaw, Hyun-Jun Ryu, Brandon McCarthy, Rich Hill and Alex Wood. Seven! In related matters, the current Dodger rotation consists of Kenta Maeda, Julio Urias, Bud Norris, and ... masked grapplers from parts unknown.

Actually, Hill is scheduled to make his first start as a Dodger on Wednesday, so that'll soon make it six starting pitchers on the DL for L.A. Also worth noting is that Hill will be the 14th starting pitcher used by the Dodgers this season. That's a lot, especially for a team still on pace to win 90 games. The Dodgers this past offseason made a point of stockpiling starting pitching depth, but since then they've tapped into, drunk deeply of, and pretty polished off said depth. To state the obvious, they can't afford any more health woes within the pitching staff (they also have five relievers laid up at the moment).

How bad have things been this season for the Dodgers on the injury front? Well, there's this:

Let's close on a positive note for Dodgers rooters. Ace of aces Kershaw, who's working his way back from a back injury, had a bullpen session on Tuesday. Here's how that went ...

Know hope, Dodgers fans.

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