Toronto Getty Blue Jays Ejection
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As if losing 9-1 at home to the San Diego Padres wasn't enough, the Toronto Blue Jays also saw pitching coach Pete Walker get ejected early on Tuesday night, despite not making eye contact with the home plate umpire.

This incident -- which was the Blue Jays third ejection of the season -- happened in the second inning. Walker and Blue Jays manager John Schneider had already shown discontent with some calls during the previous inning. 

The pitching coach went to see starting pitcher Alek Manoah after he walked Padres' outfielder Trent Grisham. Malachi Moore, the home plate umpire, made his way toward them. Walker kept his back toward Moore and continued to talk to his player with his mouth covered. Suddenly, Moore turned away from the Blue Jays' meeting and made the ejection signal.

It is still unclear what the coach was saying on the mound, but Manoah didn't seem to think it was bad enough for an ejection.

"I don't think he said anything that would've got you thrown out of a 10-year-old travel ball park," the pitcher said postgame.

As expected, Schneider also sided with Walker. 

"I'll let Pete speak to that, but we're always gonna defend our guys," Schneider said, per Yahoo Sports.

The loss on Tuesday snapped a four-game winning streak for the Blue Jays, who currently hold a 53-42 record. They will have a chance to get back on the winning path soon, as they host the Padres again on Wednesday and Thursday for their three-game series.