LeBron sends message with mismatched black and white 'Equality' shoes

LeBron James has never been afraid to use his platform to speak up on issues he cares about. He's a socially active athlete that has made comments on police violence, race relations in the United States, and President Donald Trump. 

Before Sunday night's game against the Wizards in nation's capital, the Cavaliers star wore a mismatching pair of LeBron 15 shoes that had "Equality" etched on the heels. One shoe was black and the other was white. Take a look:

While James has always been socially active, he's also been something of a spark for other players to feel that they can do the same. Within the last season the NBA has told their players that, if they feel they should, they can use their platforms to speak up on social issues. It's something that many players and the league itself has embraced over the last season.

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