Taking a page from pin-maker Patti Lapel, Foot Locker has partnered with the SagerStrong Foundation to sell Craig Sager-themed pins to honor the award-winning reporter, who passed away on Dec. 15 at the age of 65.

Sager and his wife Stacy worked with Foot Locker and PINTHRILL to create the pins and all proceeds from sales will benefit the SagerStrong Foundation. The pins are sold in a pack of three and consist of a suit that only Sager would wear, a shiny microphone and the words Sager Strong in a bold and colorful font.

Unfortunately, the pins are currently only available at Foot Locker stores in New York, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida and Georgia and are not for sale online. But if you don't live in those states and can't get an enterprising friend to help you out, you can support the SagerStrong foundation by donating online or by purchasing a Sager-themed t-shirt.All fitting ways to honor the memory of one of the legendary good guys of the NBA.