2014 NFL Playoff Picture: Jaguars, Titans eliminated and other notes

What have we learned about the NFL playoff picture after the Week 12 Sunday afternoon games?  Here are a few tiebreaker tidbits of note:

  • Although Oakland was eliminated from playoff contention prior to Thursday night's game against Kansas City, the Raiders win over the Chiefs hurt Kansas City's chances to stake claim to the No. 2 seed with a win next week versus Denver.
  • Denver is now back in the driver's seat for the No. 2 seed (and now has a strong 6-1 AFC record) and can take a 2 game lead over the Chiefs with a win next week and at least a one game lead over San Diego as the Chargers head into a very tough schedule stretch.
  • Jacksonville is eliminated from the playoffs after its loss to Indianapolis.
  • Tennessee is eliminated from the playoffs after its loss to Philadelphia and other results from Week 12.
  • The New York Jets will be eliminated from the playoffs if they lose to Buffalo on Monday night in Detroit.
  • Cincinnati will have a half game lead in the AFC North after this week and it could be a half game over three teams if Baltimore beats New Orleans Monday night.
  • Indianapolis reclaims its two game division lead over Houston and is now 4-0 in the division, but is currently the No. 4 seed in the AFC as the lowest division leader.
  • New England will have a three-game lead over Miami (and maybe Buffalo if the Bills win on Monday), but the Patriots cannot clinch the division with a win and a Miami loss next week (and at least one Buffalo loss) as the Dolphins can still sweep the Patriots this year.
  • Philadelphia will maintain the edge in the NFC East with its win this week, but that race will likely come down to two clashes with Dallas in Weeks 13 and 15.
  • Green Bay's win at Minnesota combined with Detroit's loss at New England gives the Packers a one game lead in the NFC North, but Detroit still has a head-to-head win over Green Bay and Green Bay has to host hot New England next week.
  • Arizona stubbed its toe against Seattle this week and drops to a two-game lead over both Seattle and San Francisco in the NFC West.  Seattle gains H2H advantage over Arizona and can sweep the Cardinals with a win at Arizona in Week 16.
  • Atlanta loses and that opens the door for New Orleans to take a lead over the Falcons with a win Monday night which the Saints need due to Atlanta's Week 1 win over New Orleans.
  • The top eight teams in the NFC with seeds No. 6 (Seattle), No. 7 (Detroit) and No. 8 (San Francisco) at 7-4 records have a two game lead over the rest of the conference with Chicago the lone team at 5-6 leading the also-rans.

More to come in full blog on Tuesday. 

Joe Ferreira is an NFL playoffs expert in his 23rd season of handling official playoff scenarios for the NFL. Follow Joe on Twitter: @JoeNFL.

Where things stand in the playoff picture after Week 12's Sunday games. (CBSSports.com)
Where things stand in the playoff picture after Week 12's Sunday games. (CBSSports.com)
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