In a recent column here at CBS Sports, I detailed exactly why the quarterbacks in this draft class could potentially fall out of the top 10 and into unexpected places. 

Why write about something like that if you can’t give it a spin in “real” life? That’s exactly what I decided to do in this version of my mock draft (No. 7, maybe?), allowing all the quarterbacks to drop out of the top 10 and to see where they would fall. 

Three guys still went in the first round, but one went to a very surprising spot: Washington! That’s right, the Redskins are drafting a quarterback in the latest rendition of this draft. 

Why, you might ask, would Washington do that? Well for starters, they’re not in a great spot when it comes to the position. Kirk Cousins has them completely leveraged. If they don’t ink a deal with Cousins before July 15 of this year, they’ll be forced to transition or franchise tag him next year and have handed him more than $70 million for three years worth of work. Or let him walk with nothing to show for it and no quarterback to play for them.

Grabbing someone here who can sit for a year and learn not only sets them up in case Cousins ends up leaving, but it allows them to let Cousins leave, or even potentially move him in a trade without having no safety net. 

1. Cleveland Browns

Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M: The easy pick for Cleveland at No. 1 overall thanks to how he’s tested, how he’s played and the upside he provides for a defense that sorely needs game-changers at multiple positions.  

2. San Francisco 49ers

Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford: You could make an argument for him at No. 1 overall because of his upside, and it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see Thomas go as high as second overall. 

3. Chicago Bears

Jonathan Allen, DE, Alabama: Sometimes the draft process causes people to overthink things a lot and Allen, who was highly productive at Alabama, has been lost in the shuffle. The Bears never forget. (Well, technically that’s elephants, but maybe bears have good memories too.) 

Will the Bears balk at Allen’s medical red flags? USATSI

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU: The Jaguars could use some offensive line help, but in the absence of grabbing someone right now, they opt for a potentially game-changing running back who will help protect Blake Bortles by establishing the run.

5. Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles)

Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State: The Titans have done a nice job supplementing their secondary but picking up another stud young to slot in their defensive backfield.

6. New York Jets

Jamal Adams, S, LSU: This is where things can turn quickly when it comes to the quarterbacks falling in the draft. If the Jets don’t snag one of the top quarterbacks, it’s very possible we don’t see one of them go in the top 10.  

Will the Jets pass on a QB to take Adams? USATSI

7. Los Angeles Chargers

Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State: The Bolts are a possible landing spot for a quarterback, but they’re also a good bet to snag another defensive player who can become another cog in a secretly potent defense. 

8. Carolina Panthers

O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama: Going to veer away a little bit here because I could see Carolina taking a stud tight end to beef up the receiving corps for Cam Newton while also improving the run game. 

9. Cincinnati Bengals

Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama: When the glove fits, it’s easy to keep wearing it. Foster just feels like a good bet to land in Cincy if here’s there at the ninth spot. 

Foster seems like the perfect fit in Cincinnati. USATSI

10. Buffalo Bills

Mike Williams, WR, Clemson: Getting another weapon for Tyrod Taylor should be a priority, and Williams would pair nicely with Sammy Watkins, another star out of Clemson. 

11. New Orleans Saints

Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee: Feel like the Saints would kill to see Barnett sitting here at 11 because it means they can add at least one stud defensive player in this draft. 

12. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia)

Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina: And we have a quarterback off the board! The Browns just came away with a dream scenario for them. 

13. Arizona Cardinals

John Ross, WR, Washington: Speed kills and no one likes to throw down the field to deadly speed quite like Bruce Arians. Ross would impact this offense in a big way out of the gate. 

Ross has as much speed as anyone after his 4.22 40. USATSI

14. Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota)

Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford: Some team is going to take McCaffrey and turn him into a monster, and I think the offense Doug Pederson runs fits the profile. Carson Wentz would be a huge offseason winner if the Eagles did this.

15. Indianapolis Colts

Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State: It’s not hard to imagine one of the top three running backs falling to the Colts here, and it’s not hard to imagine them bringing in an explosive playmaker like Cook. 

16. Baltimore Ravens

Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan: The Ravens badly need to bring in some more weapons for Joe Flacco, and they can pick up an all-around quality wide receiver here. 

17. Washington Redskins

Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson: Surprise! With the Kirk Cousins situation hardly resolved, the Redskins snag a quarterback in the middle of the first round who gives them some leverage. They can strike a deal to trade Cousins now or let him walk and still have a quarterback. It’s actually a pretty smart solution. 

The Redskins find a long-term replacement for Cousins here. USATSI

18. Tennessee Titans

Haason Reddick, LB, Temple: The Titans need some more weapons for Marcus Mariota, but there’s a real possibility they come out of this draft with a pair of defensive studs. 

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan: The Bucs can beef up their pass rush by adding the guy with the best name in the draft. 

20. Denver Broncos

Ryan Ramcyzk, OL, Wisconsin: Even with Tony Romo headed to the broadcast booth, the Broncos still very much need to develop some offensive linemen. 

21. Detroit Lions

Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan: Local guy who can be utilized by a creative defensive coordinator in different ways and would inject a playmaker into the Lions defense.

The Lions could stay local and nab Peppers. USATSI

22. Miami Dolphins

Forrest Lamp, OG, Western Kentucky: This is another one of those spots where it just feels like a fit. Lamp would immediately help a run game that was the source of the Dolphins’ success last year.

23. New York Giants

Cam Robinson, OL, Alabama: The Giants have several needs, but protecting Eli Manning is the biggest one on the board. 

24. Oakland Raiders

David Njoku, TE, Miami: The Raiders haven’t developed a tight end yet, and if they can maximize the potential from this guy, it will only make an already filthy offense even more dangerous. Yes, Oakland signed Jared Cook, but that could ultimately just be a single-year Band-Aid, and it gives them time to bring on Njoku.

25. Houston Texans

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech: Pretty easy projection here after the Texans lost out on the Tony Romo sweepstakes. Mahomes might take a little time to adjust to the next level, but he might not get that time if he lands on Houston.

Mahomes would fill the Texans’ biggest need. USATSI

26. Seattle Seahawks

Garett Bolles, OL, Utah: This has been a need pick for a while and it remains a need pick moving forward. 

27. Kansas City Chiefs

Takkarist McKinley, LB, UCLA: The Chiefs defense is a steady as all get out, but it definitely could use a little bit more youth injected into it. McKinley gives them a versatile pass rusher who can grow into that system. 

28. Dallas Cowboys

Charles Harris, DE, Missouri: Dallas almost needs to draft defense given how the offseason has gone so far, and the Cowboys definitely need to find some pass rush help.

29. Green Bay Packers

Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama: The Packers badly need to improve the secondary after the disastrous run down the stretch last year and Humphrey lets them do just that.

Humphrey is the perfect match of need and value for Green Bay. USATSI

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

Adoree’ Jackson, CB, USC: Developing this youngster over the next year or so could pay some serious dividends, and he also gives the Steelers depth at cornerback right now.

31. Atlanta Falcons

Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State: Atlanta could suddenly have massive improvement in terms of their run defense and strength on the defensive line if they make a move like this.

32. New Orleans Saints (from new England)

Gaeron Conley, CB, Ohio State: The Saints get to walk away with a pair of defensive standouts from this draft in the first round, which could make that side of the ball immediately improved.