Seattle Seahawks running back Leon Washington at the beginning of his 83-yard kickoff return against the Arizona Cardinals on Sept. 9. (US Presswire)

RB Leon Washington said Wednesday that he was told his trade to Seattle in 2010 had nothing to do with his broken leg, but was due to the team's financial constraints. "I remember when I got traded, Rex [Ryan] came and talked to me and said, 'Look, Leon, we have to pay a bunch of guys, C Nick Mangold, LB David Harris. I remember him saying the names CB Darrelle Revis and stuff like that.

"It's a business, so I understand it."

Washington said he harbors no negative feelings toward the team and loves being in, and playing for, Seattle. He said he did have some initial concerns about his ability to come back from the leg he broke against Oakland in 2009, but said that is all behind him.

Asked if he hopes to run a kickoff back for a touchdown against the Jets, Washington laughed and said, "Man, I would like to take one to the house any time. Last week I was trying to take one to the house."

He still has great admiration for special teams coach Mike Westhoff and his unit, and although the Jets had a very poor game against the Dolphins, he doesn't think it's indicative of any major changes there.

"They're a really good special teams unit. They do everything well ... I think they'll get right back on track."

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