NFL launches 'NFL Now' on Apple TV

'NFL Now' is the NFL's big push towards individualized video and content (called the "next-generation video service," the league is offering both a free service and a paid premium version for $1.99 a month) and it's now partnered with Apple TV the NFL announced Wednesday.

Available through the Apple TV -- and already up on the service near MLB and HBO's apps as you can see (pardon my glare, our TV isn't mounted yet) here:

When you dive into the app you immediately see three options on the home page (and four total on the top navigation).

First up is "My Channel" which is the personalized stream and features all kinds of pres conferences, quotes and clips from around the league.

As of 3:50 p.m. ET Mike Pettine's press conference clip on starting Brian Hoyer for the Browns was already uploaded. There's a video with Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks breaking down the Johnny Manziel/Brian Hoyer move. (I dig this because it's a deeper dive into a topic from knowledgable football guys and it's up quick.) 

There's also a Hard Knocks section with clips from the show; you can find Hard Knocks items from the "Series" section in the top nav as well. 

Also in the top nav? "Highlights," which features what you would expect -- highlights of games! Didn't take a deep dive into this but I was pleased with the initial offering (big plays and quarter by quarter breakdown in case my glare and camera phone ruined it for you again). 

Maybe the coolest thing, though? Seeing "A Football Life" pop up on the initial homepage. Boom:

We'll have to see how this works once the season (and please, please, please let this mean Game Rewind comes to Apple TV) gets going but on first look the offering from NFL Now is impressive.

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