Tom Brady first QB with 6K postseason passing yards

Tom Brady became the first quarterback with 6,000 postseason passing yards.
Tom Brady became the first quarterback with 6,000 postseason passing yards. (USATSI)

Counting stats can be misleading, but in order to count up yardage in the postseason you've got to make the playoffs.

Tom Brady's been there a bunch, which is why he's the first quarterback in NFL history to reach 6,000 postseason passing yards. 

Brady's passing well enough to give the Patriots a 21-10 lead over the Colts (track the game here and watch live right here), going 6-for-9 with 97 yards on the game. 

He's looked sharp, including hitting one of the tighest windows you'll ever see, where he squeezed the ball between four different Colts defenders.

This is all very good news for the Pats, since they typically close out teams at home whenever they're up big.

Brady entered the game with 5,949 passing yards, so it wasn't going to take much for him to hit the milestone. What's impressive is that a) he hit the 6,000 mark in 25 games (that's an average of 240 passing yards per game) and b) that he's played in 25 postseason games. Regardless of playoff expansion, it's incredibly impressive for Brady to pull that off in "just" 12 years, especially when one of those years was lost to an ACL injury. He's an all timer.

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