WATCH: Adrian Peterson crushes Jimmy Fallon with handshake

On Friday, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson visited the set of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The two discussed video games, how Peterson used Wii to help rehab his knee last offseason and how he suffered from anaphylaxis during last year’s training camp after eating seafood gumbo.

Overall, a good interview, but the best exchange occurred in the first few seconds.

Peterson, who’s known to have a god-awfully strong handshake, seemed to surprise Fallon when they clasped hands at the beginning of the interview.

“Adrian, why … why … why … are you so strong?” Fallon asked.

Said Peterson: “I was always taught to give a man a good, firm handshake. Look him in the eyes. It’s something I’ve been doing my entire life.”

Replied Fallon: “You should tell me that before we shake hands.”

A few seconds later, after receiving two gifts from Peterson, Fallon declined to shake hands once again. Instead, he offered a fist bump.

At the end of the interview, Peterson shook hands with Fallon again, but it was clearly a much-limper grip. Fallon said he appreciated Peterson's thoughtfulness.

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