President Donald Trump's aim to get the World Cup to the United States in 2026 continues. Just days after he said allies should vote for the U.S, he put Nigeria's president Muhammadu Buhari on the spot during a joint press conference at the White House. He called on Nigeria and other African nations to support the United States' bid, which is joined by Mexico and Canada.

"I hope all African countries and countries throughout the world, that we also will be supporting you, that they will likewise support us in our bid, along with Canada and Mexico, for the 2026 World Cup. We will be watching very closely and any help they can give us in that bid, we would appreciate."

Here's the video:

Trump isn't backing down. He appears to see the importance of getting the World Cup here when it comes to an economic standpoint, but the U.S. faces some stiff competition from African country Morocco, who has also bid on the tournament and whose bid appears to be gaining some steam. We'll see if his words, in the end, have any impact on how the voting goes, and whether it will cause any trouble within FIFA. 

FIFA's code of ethics prohibits government interference, as ESPN points out. FIFA said in a statement to Reuters that it couldn't comment specifically on what Trump said, but did reiterate that those rules do exist.

"As a general rule, we cannot comment on specific statements in connection with the bidding process," FIFA's statement said . "We can only refer to the FIFA Regulations for the selection of the venue for the final competition of the 2026 FIFA World Cup, and in particular to the Bid Rules of Conduct incorporated therein."  

The bid rules warn against "any undue influence" on the outcome. 

The 2026 World Cup bid will be awarded this summer.

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