Draft Prospect Outlook


Massive, built out frame; NBA-ready body; competitive and fiery; good 3-point shooter; 3-and-D upside, smart rebounder who wields his body to carve out huge space and find good angles; has good defensive senses, can switch onto smaller guards on perimeter


Loves the mid-range like teammate Grant Williams, and like Williams, sometimes to his detriment; relies often on size as opposed to mechanics/blocking out to grab rebounds

Deeper Dive:

• Combine: 6-foot-5.25", 240 pounds, 6-foot-9.75" wingspan; 2.87 seconds lane agility (first among small forwards)

• Pro comparison: Jae Crowder

• Born in same hospital where Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William and Harry (St. Mary's Hospital in London, England)

• Father is a retired Senior Chief with U.S. Navy who retired as Rear Admiral

• Older brother, O'Brien, played football at Wisconsin, and seven seasons in the NFL