College Basketball 2017 MAC Tournament

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The Ohio State Buckeyes continued their strong week landing four-star scoring guard Luther Muhammad on Friday evening. Muhammad, who combines toughness and athleticism
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There is no shortage of talent on the wing in the class of 2019 with numerous prospects stepping up during the summer to emerge on the national scene
Individual Leaders
1. M. Keene CMICH30.0
2. B. Rayson CMICH21.2
3. J. Williams TOLEDO19.6
4. T. Wilder WMICH19.3
5. J. Hall KENTST19.0
1. J. Simmons OHIO6.5
2. M. Keene CMICH4.9
3. T. Persons BALLST4.9
4. M. Weathers MIAOH4.8
5. B. Hamilton BUFF4.4
1. S. Taylor Jr. TOLEDO12.2
2. J. Thompson IV EMICH11.2
3. J. Hall KENTST10.6
4. M. Maric NILL8.4
5. T. Moses BALLST8.3
1. I. Johnson AKRON62.5
2. J. Thompson IV EMICH57.4
3. M. Maric NILL56.8
4. T. Moses BALLST56.1
5. L. McLane MIAOH53.3
Team Leaders
1. Central Michigan89.4
2. Toledo81.3
3. Akron79.0
4. Ball State78.7
5. Eastern Michigan78.4
1. Kent State44.8
2. Buffalo44.3
3. Central Michigan43.8
4. Northern Illinois42.8
5. Ball State41.0
EastConf. W-LTot. W-LRPI Rank
Kent St.10-722-14142
Bowling Green7-1013-19225
Miami (Ohio)4-1311-21301
WestConf. W-LTot. W-LRPI Rank
Ball St.10-721-13169
W. Michigan10-716-16174
E. Michigan7-1016-17175
N. Illinois7-1015-17239
C. Michigan6-1116-16216