Padres at Blue Jays, the one series that never happens

Now that MLB has finally brought the Dodgers back to the Bronx, when will the Padres get to Toronto?

You say no one cares?

Someone must. But as we've seen, making a baseball schedule isn't a simple task, and making out interleague schedules has proven even more complicated. In the first 16 years of interleague play, there were nine site-specific matchups that never made the schedule.

Eight of those (including Dodgers at Yankees) are on the 2013 schedule. One (Padres at Blue Jays) is not.

A quick look at the rarest interleague matchups:

Never: Padres at Blue Jays.

Never until 2013: Braves at Royals, Cardinals at Angels, Rangers at Cardinals, Twins at Braves, Cubs at A's, Dodgers at Yankees, Rays at Dodgers, White Sox at Mets.

I didn't include the Brewers, because they played in the American League through 1997 (the first year of interleague play). But this year was the first year that the A's went to Milwaukee for an interleague series, and later this summer the Brewers will visit Seattle for the first time as an interleague opponent.

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