Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophic flooding that resulted from it has devastated the Houston area. As a result, the Astros are unable to host the Rangers starting Tuesday as scheduled. Instead, the two teams will play their three-game series at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida

That decision, however, has not been without controversy. The Astros wanted to swap home series with the Rangers. That would mean playing this upcoming one in Arlington and then switching the series scheduled for late September. Texas, however, didn't agree to that plan, which necessitated the shift to Florida. This, in turn, didn't please the Astros. Astros president Reid Ryan expressed his displeasure, and then pitcher Lance McCullers unloaded on the Rangers via Twitter ... 

These broadsides led Rangers general manager Jon Daniels to respond Monday. Via Stefan Stevenson of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, here's what Daniels had to say

"We were prepared to make the event all about hurricane relief and helping our neighbors. It had nothing to do with looking for a competitive advantage. That's an inaccurate portrayal."


"We didn't feel it was right to give our fans 24 hours notice that their tickets in late September were now good this week. We were willing to play this series anywhere the Astros and MLB wanted, including here in Arlington."

As Daniels points out, this could've been an issue for ticket-holders. What he doesn't say is that swapping to a home-and-home would mean that the Rangers would have a 12-game road trip just before the final series of the regular season. The Rangers are very much in the mix for a wild-card berth, and they might see that kind of alteration as being not in their competitive interests. This is speculative, of course, but it might be a tacit part of their reasoning. As Stevenson's story also points out, the Rangers were willing to allow the Astros to be the home team were the upcoming series to be played in Arlington, which means that Houston would earn the home team's share of revenues for that series, even though the Rangers were doing the work and seeing to the expense of hosting. 

Emotions are understandably raw given the tragedies that have befallen Houston and environs, and those emotions will settle with time. As always, it's hard for those on the outside to grasp fully all the considerations that go into a decision like this. Also, it's worth quoting this excerpt from our original story on the change of venues

As well, the Rangers announced that they will donate the proceeds from their Texas 2 Split 50/50 Raffle to the American Red Cross from all three games of the upcoming home series with the Angels that starts Sept. 1.

It's possible the Rangers could've been a bit more accommodating, yes, but they have interests to protect, and their reported willingness to let the Astros keep the revenues from a series in Arlington shows they were being reasonable in their efforts.