The Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets were involved in one major brawl.

Late in the fourth quarter of a close game between the Lakers and the Rockets, Brandon Ingram shoved James Harden from behind after a foul call. It then transpired into what turned out to be the closest thing the NBA has seen to a brawl between Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul that we have seen in quite some time with both players throwing punches at one another before Ingram came into the melee to throw a punch himself.

Check out the incident for yourself:

To say the least, this is major. All three players were ejected and it's obvious that major suspensions will be handed out to all three players. Ingram not only shoved James Harden from behind, but he also proceeded to run into a pile and throw a punch when he wasn't involved in the squabble between Paul and Rondo.

It appears that Ingram was mad at the referee and took out his frustrations on Harden. It then transpired into something much bigger between Rondo and Paul, as the Rockets guard has accused Rondo of spitting on him which led to the two extremely competitive individuals coming to blows on the court in the final minutes of regulation.

At this time, the NBA is investigating Paul's claims that Rondo did spit on him as Adrian Wojnarowski of is reporting that the NBA has obtained video which appears to back up what the Rockets All-Star is alleging. With this video in the possession of the league, Rondo and the Lakers could have a tough time selling the idea that this was incidental. 

We'll let you know how severe the punishment is for each of these three players, but it's obviously not looking good for either team, especially the Lakers.