Kobe Bryant has a perfect response for which number Lakers should retire

With the retirement of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant official, we now have few things to count down to with Kobe's post-career life. One of those things is his eventual induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. The other one is the Lakers' organization thanking him once again for a brilliant career by retiring his number and hanging it in the rafters of the Staples Center. There's just one tricky thing with that.

Which number do you retire? Do you retire the No. 8 that saw him win three championships with Shaquille O'Neal and establish himself as one of the biggest stars to ever play the game? Or do you retire the No. 24, in which the second part of Kobe's career almost became even more legendary when he won two more NBA championships as the clear-cut alpha? When Kobe was asked about which number the Lakers should retire, his response was perfect. He said, "[Whichever number they choose] it'll be pretty hard for someone else to wear the other one."

Which number will the Lakers retire?

That's a pretty perfect response. In reality, you expect both numbers to be retired and hanging in the rafters. If they only decide to retire one of them, then the other one is retired by default because they're never going to allow someone else to wear it. So you might as well retire them both and give him that honor.

Whenever that happens, we'll have yet another celebration of Bryant at Staples Center and it will be an event every Lakers fan will want to attend. Might want to clear some credit card space between now and then in order to get the tickets.

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