Charles Barkley is very opinionated. Sometimes he is right and can make valid arguments that support his point. Then again, often he is wrong and when that happens, he is at least a good sport and can admit it.

Last year, Barkley loudly proclaimed that the Golden State Warriors wouldn't win the NBA championship because jump-shooting teams can't win. 

His exact quote transcribed by Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle:

They’ve had a terrific season. But I don’t like jump-shooting teams. I don’t think you can make enough jumpers to win four series in a row. I’ve said that for 25 years, not just now. I think you physically manhandle them inside.

Of course with the Warriors beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals last year, Barkley's statement now looks foolish. However, Klay Thompson and the Warriors didn't want Barkley to forget about what he said.

Somehow the shirt got back to Barkley, who actually put it on, posing with a frown for an unbelievably great picture

Barkley has already gone on the record about how the Los Lakers and Atlanta Hawks will do this season. Hopefully they prove him wrong and force Barkley to pose for another self-defeating picture next season.

Charles is not in charge of his own destiny.
Charles is not in charge of his own destiny. (Twitter)