Michael Jordan used to sing at his opponents while he destroyed them

Intensity is often taken as this serious emotion. But if you're a basketball sadist like Michael Jordan was, you take real, genuine pleasure in it. 

Roshown McLeod joined the Brown and Scoop Podcast on CBS Radio, and the former NBA player talked about how Jordan used to actually sing at his opponents while he was scoring on them. 

Have a listen:

Here's the transcript:

"I just remember stories of Jordan singing to guys when he was playing," McLeod said. "His number one song was 'Giving You The Best That I Got.' I remember him singing that to Jerry Stackhouse one day and just putting on a show. It was like he had a concert going on in his own head."
McLeod said he would sing while destroying defenders on the court.
"He gave it to you every time," said McLeod. "He had an answer for everything that came out of anyone's mouth. Very few guys were able to do that, but when you found a guy like Jordan or a guy like Kobe that could do it, it was a memorable moment."

Source: Former NBA Player: Michael Jordan Used to Sing to Us on the Court « CBS Sports Radio

Just another sign of how dominant Jordan was, and how much he genuinely loved blistering his opponents and letting them know about it while he was doing it. Also, it's fairly hilarious that he went with Anita Baker for this kind of taunt:

LeBron James of course is more partial to Drake.

Maybe Jordan just often had songs stuck in his head. Hate it when that happens.

Jordan liked to sing at his opponents.  (Getty)
"Jordan liked to sing at his opponents. (Getty Images)

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