Reports: Rockets interested in Rajon Rondo but don't get excited

Rajon Rondo is involved in trade rumors but probably won't be moved.  (USATSI)
Rajon Rondo is involved in trade rumors but probably won't be moved. (USATSI)

This one started making the rounds on Wednesday afternoon. First's Sam Amico mentioned that the Rockets and Celtics have talked about a deal and it may involve Rajon Rondo. Then ESPN picked it up and furthered it: 

USA Today reports that Rockets have interest... but haven't... even... called...

That seems weird. "Man, we'd love to get Rondo and it would take Parsons who we won't give up but we haven't called." 


The obstacles are real, though. The Celtics are notorious about wanting a king's ransom for any player of value, let alone their biggest asset. The Rockets don't want to surrender Parsons, he's about as close to untouchable as it gets. The Celtics would want Jeremy Lin, Parsons, and probably multiple picks for Rondo. Houston's not doing that. 

It's not a bad fit, though. Rondo can create opportunities in the offense in the pick and roll with Dwight Howard, can take some pressure off of James Harden offensively and cover up for him on defense. It's a great fit, but it's going to take a truly desperate team with lots of stuff they're willing to part with to get Rondo out of Boston. 

So it's a blockbuster idea, but doesn't seem likely.

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