Thunder, Jazz get into scuffle that leaves Jae Crowder ejected and Steven Adams unfazed

The Jazz beat the Thunder into the ground in a dominant 113-96 Game 4 victory. Despite the score, emotions were high throughout the night and there was a lot of tension on the side of the Thunder. They kept the game physical until the very end and refused to quit despite the outcome.

This led to a very odd exchange late in the fourth quarter involving Jae Crowder and Russell Westbrook that led to an ejection for the Utah forward. Crowder had the ball and was dribbling up the court before Westbrook wildly came in for a steal attempt. Westbrook was overly physical and drew a call from the ref. Crowder, angry with the foul call, tried to get into Westbrook's face. Carmelo Anthony ran over to prevent things from escalating. Steven Adams also came over to help and Crowder reacted by throwing an elbow at Adams' face. This was actually pretty humorous because Adams reacted like a gust of wind had blown by.

While the play underwent review, Anthony sat on the scorer's table to await the result. He looked either bored or fed up with the situation at hand. Either that or he was trying to decide what he wanted for dinner later that night.

This wasn't the first time in this game that Westbrook had gotten into it with someone on the Jazz. Earlier in the fourth quarter, Westbrook got in Rudy Gobert's face as he walked off the court chirping at Raymond Felton. Both players were given a tech.

This incident might be what made Crowder decide he needed to have a word with Westbrook. Whatever his reasoning, Crowder got ejected for his elbow against Adams and the game continued on. The Thunder weren't able to use his absence as a rally to close the deficit. The Jazz will head back to Oklahoma City with a 3-1 lead and chance to close out the series.

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