VIDEO: Knicks' Carmelo Anthony finally returns to Denver, gets booed

It's been over two years since the Denver Nuggets decided to trade Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks, and not risk losing him in free agency. However, due to the lockout scheduling and timing of the trade, Anthony has never had a chance to play a game back at the Pepsi Center since that trade.

In his first game back to Denver as a member of the Knicks, the crowd reminded Melo they haven't forgotten how he made them feel when he got the Nuggets to deal him to the Knicks and put his days as a member of the Denver organization far behind him. Anthony is third all-time in franchise scoring for the Nuggets, third in minutes played and sixth in games played.

In two games against the Nuggets at Madison Square Garden, Melo's team is 1-1 against Denver. Anthony averaged 29.5 points on 27 shots, eight rebounds, and three assists. In the two games, he's shot 37 percent from the field, 26.7 percent from the field, and 68.1 percent from the free throw line.

(Video via @BeyondTheBuzzer)

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