VIDEO: Kobe Bryant competes in a chopsticks competition

It's August so you're bound to see videos like this one on basketball blogs all over the internet. It's Los Angeles Lakers' guard Kobe Bryant showing off some sweet chopsticks skills in a competition against the host of a television show. The objective is to move these little balls from one dish to another before the other person completes the same task.

I want to be impressed by this effort and victory by Kobe Bryant, but I've seen something like this before and it was a lot harder. My parents went to China a few years ago and one night on a ship that was going up the Xang Xi River, my mom was in a chopstick competition against someone on the ship. Their task was to move these smooth pebbles from one dish to another. My mom annihilated her competition and with a much harder object to grasp with the chopsticks.

The one plus here is that this Kobe video was three minutes long, whereas the video my parents brought back from the ship was hours and hours of my time that I'll never get back. It probably took about 40 minutes for them to find this competition on the tape and even then, it was about as anticlimactic as this video above.

But hey, we all killed a few minutes in a month with zero basketball as we wait for EuroBasket or training camp to begin. 

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