Aaron Rodgers is fired up to open Falcons' new stadium, but something will be missing

The Falcons will debut shiny, brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sunday night, with America watching that weird retractable roof and fawning over the cheap concession prices. What no one will be excited about is the stadium having a Chick-Fil-A restaurant that no one can access.

You see, it's Sunday on Sunday night and Chick-Fil-A opens for no one on Sunday, no matter how holy or how hungover you might be. That even includes football demigod Aaron Rodgers, who admitted to Jason Wilde on ESPN Milwaukee that he's thrilled to see the new stadium but that he, just like the rest of us mortals, is not happy with the Chick-Fil-A situation.

Everyone in America is probably aware of the Chick-Fil-A conundrum at this point; for years in the South it has been a source of disdain because the idea of being on the road or just being at home on a Sunday morning and securing some delicious fried chicken to help soak up whatever might be in your stomach sounds wonderful. 

Alas, the owners are religious folks and Chick-Fil-A takes the Sabbath to kick back and pass on extra profits. Noble of them but it helps no one. And it means Rodgers won't be able to celebrate a likely record -- becoming the fastest to 300 passes; he has an absurd 606 attempts to set the record by the by -- with any chicken.

And it's not as if the Chick-Fil-A in Mercedes Benz Stadium will never be used. It won't get any action for all Falcons home games except for a Thursday night matchup with the Saints in December. Instead, it will be flipped out for a Levi's store (that's a weird shift, but whatever). But there will be concerts and Atlanta United FC games and SEC Championship Games and Chick-Fil-A-sponsored college football games where they can sell all that glorious chicken.

Maybe the Falcons and Packers will go to overtime, this game will streak on into the early morning and some enterprising CFA manager will open up early so fans can limp into the concourse and grab their chicken. 

Let's go ahead and make sure that if the Falcons are hosting a home playoff game it's on a Saturday too. 

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