Broncos RB Knowshon Moreno cries giant tears

Knowshon Moreno has some giant tears. (CBS/NFL)
Knowshon Moreno has some giant tears. (CBS/NFL)

If you're ever around Knowshon Moreno when he gets sad, hopefully you have a small raft with you or you might drown. During The Star-Spangled Banner before the Broncos game in Kansas City on Sunday, Moreno was caught on camera shedding tears -- that's not the strange part though, it's actually kind of refreshing seeing an athlete show emotion in pregame -- the strange part is that the his tears look more like small rivers. 

As you can see, the tears are gigantic and frightening, yet somehow mesmerizing -- all at the same time. Although I can't decide if they're more gigantic or more frightening or mesmerizing. Moreno might be the answer to world's drought problems. Here's a closeup look at the tears. 

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