It's probably safe to say that no NFL owner has written more letters over the past 24 hours than Chargers owner Dean Spanos.

After the people of San Diego handily voted down the Chargers stadium measure on Tuesday, Spanos wrote a letter just after midnight on Wednesday morning, thanking the roughly 127,000 people who voted to approve $1.15 billion in public funding for the Chargers' proposed stadium.

Unfortunately for Spanos, 127,000 'yes' votes weren't enough for the Chargers as the stadium measure ended up failing, with 57 percent of San Diegans voting against it. The measure needed 66.6 percent of the vote to pass.

Now, the big question becomes: Are the Chargers going to leave San Diego?

Spanos didn't answer that question on Wednesday, but he did offer a timeline for making the decision. In a second letter to fans that was released Wednesday afternoon, the Chargers owner said that his team won't be making any decision on relocation until after the 2016 season.

The Chargers stadium plan was shot down Manica Architecture

"This has been a long campaign and I'm sure we all want to put aside stadium talk for a while and focus on the rest of the Chargers' season," Spanos wrote. "I'm eager -- as I'm sure you all are -- to give the stadium debate a rest and enjoy some Chargers football."

Basically, that means that Spanos won't be making any decisions until Jan. 2 at the earliest.

"Over the coming weeks you may hear news about steps that we must take to preserve all of our options," Spanos wrote. "But please know that I don't intend to make any decisions until after the regular season ends and that, in the meantime, I hope to enjoy with you one great Chargers game after another."

Right now, the Chargers have two options on the table: They can stay in San Diego or move to Los Angeles.

If the Chargers are thinking about going the L.A. route, they'll need to make the decision quickly. The NFL has given the Chargers a deadline of Jan. 15, 2017, to decide whether they want to move to L.A.

If the league doesn't give the Chargers an extension, then their L.A. rights would expire on Jan. 16. At that point, the rights to L.A. would go to the Raiders.

On the other hand, there's a good chance the Chargers will stay in San Diego. During an interview before Monday's election, Spanos implied that he would likely move if the stadium measure received 35 percent of less of the votes.

"If we get 30 or 35 percent voter approval, that will tell me something," Spanos said of fan support, via Fox 5 in San Diego.

Since the measure got 43 percent of the vote, Spanos may feel that there's enough support to keep the team in San Diego.