Losing a game by 38 points isn't usually something you want to celebrate, but don't tell that to the Colts, who decided to commemorate their 45-7 AFC title game loss by hanging an "AFC Finalist" banner at Lucas Oil Stadium this week.

If you think hanging up a banner that says "AFC Finalist" sounds ridiculous, you're not the only one, almost everyone on Twitter seems to agree. 

A Super Bowl banner makes sense. A division title banner makes sense, too. But a banner to mark a loss in the AFC Championship Game?

After hanging the banner, a few fans offered suggestions for other banners.

The new banner is also forcing Colts fans to ask themselves existential questions.

Patriots fans, who watched their team beat Indy 45-7, seemed to find the banner especially amusing.

In the Colts' defense, this isn't the first time they've hung up an "AFC Finalist" banner, it's just the first time they've done it in the social media era when people could make fun of it. Here's a look at the banners from 1995 and 2003. 

If the Colts need some banner-hanging advice, they could ask the Detroit Lions, who were neatly able to commemorate 14 playoff appearances on only two banners (picture via the Lions website).